Emmanuel Lanzo of Ridgefield Aquatic Club Shares a Workout for a Kick-Driven Freestyle

Emmanuel Lanzo of Ridgefield Aquatic Club Shares a Workout for a Kick-Driven Freestyle

By Emily Sampl//Contributor  | Monday, February 4, 2019

Note: The purpose of this feature is to spotlight workouts from different clubs around the country. Please keep in mind the interval times and distances swum may not be appropriate for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Also, these workouts are a snapshot of a single day in a long season, not a comprehensive view of a team’s entire training plan.


The February Featured Workout comes from Ridgefield Aquatic Club head coach Emmanuel Lanzo, who recently coached three swimmers to spots on the 2018-2019 National Junior Team. Kieran Smith (200m free, 200m IM and 400m IM), AJ Bornstein (100m breast) and Connor Hunt (open water) all earned selections, while Bornstein also represented the U.S. at the 2018 Junior Pan Pacific Championships last August.

Lanzo’s workout incorporates kicking into both shorter and longer distances, with the goal of teaching a more kick-driven freestyle.

“I’m looking for the kids to be able to understand that the legs will create propulsion if used properly,” he said. “If not, they will create drag, and eventually a less kick-driven stroke. With more kick, the body position improves, allowing the body to stay afloat and create propulsive torque. Every fast fish in the sea has big fins – you will never find a big, fast fish with a small fin!”



1x700 on 9:00 – 400 free/300 choice with seven dolphin kicks off each wall (with snorkel)



1x50 kick on :40

1x200 build (drive with kick) on 2:30

1x50 slow kick (grab water) on 1:15

1x100 recovery swim on 1:30

3x200 easy/moderate – 150 drill/50 kick on back on 2:55

Main Set:

10x400 free on 5:15

Descend #1-4; hold #5-8; easy #9; fast #10

1x200 recovery swim on 3:00

Main Set Part Two:


1x50 slow kick (grab water) on 1:15 (with snorkel)

1x100 swim all out on 1:15 (with snorkel)

1x50 kick on :40


1x100 recovery swim on 2:00



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