Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy



USA Swimming’s top priority continues to be keeping our athletes safe. No form of abuse, including child sexual abuse, has a place in our sport. As a part of our continued commitment to safeguarding our athletes, USA Swimming has enacted enhancements to our Safe Sport policy requirements.

The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) addresses one-on-one interactions, social media and electronic communications, travel: local and team, locker rooms and changing areas and massages, rubdowns and athletic training modalities. Every USA Swimming club is required to implement the MAAPP in full.

Applicable Adults
7:36JUN 4, 2019
One-on-One Interactions
8:48JUN 3, 2019
Social Media and Electronic Communication
14:38JUN 2, 2019
12:07JUN 1, 2019
Locker Rooms and Changing Areas
14:58MAY 31, 2019
Massage and Rubdowns
7:21MAY 30, 2019
18+ Athlete Training Requirement
10:42MAY 29, 2019
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