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Membership Renewal


Membership renewal is required annually. You must do that through your Local Swimming Committee (LSC). There are forms and fee information on the LSC websites.


USA Swimming Membership is composed of four requirements:

  • Annual Registration
  • Athlete Protection Training (annual)
  • Background Check (every two years)
  • Concussion Protocol Training (generally one time).


*The expiration date for these requirements can be found on your Deck Pass Dashboard.





Officiating Certifications
  • The expiration dates on these vary from LSC to LSC and are not necessarily the same as your membership expiration dates. These are also shown on your Deck Pass Dashboard.
  • Please check with your LSC Official's Chair or LSC website officials page to determine the requirements for renewal in your LSC.



        LSC WEBSITES        


2020 Rulebook

Access the 2020 USA Swimming Rulebook

Concussion Protocol Training



Though several states have previously passed concussion education requirements, USA Swimming will now require all coaches and officials complete Concussion Protocol Training by January 1, 2020. Your certificate of completion should be sent to your LSC to update SWIMS. Once SWIMS is updated, DeckPass will update a few days later


Courses from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), as well as individual states’ required courses will satisfy the USA Swimming requirement.**Many high school coaches will have already completed the NFHS training.  These courses are provided free of charge.





  • For USA Swimming membership, coaches and officials must successfully complete concussion and head injury education at least once.
  • Individual states may require annual or continuing education and coaches/officials must abide by the requirements of their home state or states in which they coach or officiate.
  • If a coach lives/coaches in a state with a concussion education requirement, he/she must only complete this requirement and will not need to complete an additional course.

This requirement is necessary to avoid personal liability for concussion/head strike incidents, ensuring our insurers will continue to provide liability insurance protection to USA Swimming, coaches, officials and clubs.


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