USA Swimming Member Registration

Online Member Registration

Starting September, 2022 all USA Swimming member registrations and renewals will be completed online. The resources below are designed to help members navigate the new registration flow, and answer FAQs. 

Navigating Online Member Registration

2 Steps To Register

Step 1: Create Your New USA Swimming Account 

Step 2: Complete The Registration Process

How to Create an Account for Existing Members
4:00AUG 28, 2022
How to Create an Account for Parents
2:28AUG 28, 2022
Online Member Registration Preview
6:41JUN 9, 2022
Online Member Registration


What happens if I select the wrong membership type when registering?

Is the registration process available in other languages?

Can I complete the registration process on a phone?

What happens if my LSC or Club is wrong when I’m starting the registration process?

Are Parents able to set up their account without paying?

Managing Your Account in SWIMS

How to Request A Club Transfer
2:05JUN 28, 2022
Upgrading A Membership
1:38JUN 28, 2022

USA Swimming Account FAQs

Will my historical times and Deck Pass information be available in my new USA Swimming account?

Looking for information on the SWIMS Database?

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