LSC Officials Chairs

The Role of the Officials Chair

Each LSC has an Officials Chair. The LSC Officials Chair for your LSC is responsible for issuing LSC officiating certifications, determining education and training for LSC officials and establishing policies and procedures regarding officiating for their LSC.

LSC  LSC Chair  Location  Phone  Email 
Alaska (AK) Catherine Foy Kodiak, AK (907) 713-5744 Contact
LSC Alaska (AK)
LSC Chair Catherine Foy
Location Kodiak, AK
Phone (907) 713-5744
Email Contact
Arizona (AZ) Tom Oliver Tucson, AZ (520) 269-2366 Contact
LSC Arizona (AZ)
LSC Chair Tom Oliver
Location Tucson, AZ
Phone (520) 269-2366
Email Contact
Southern California (CA) Omar De Armas Simi Valley, CA H: (805) 522-4134
M: (805) 443-7825
LSC Southern California (CA)
LSC Chair Omar De Armas
Location Simi Valley, CA
Phone H: (805) 522-4134
M: (805) 443-7825
Email Contact
Central California (CC) Taylor Kahn Fresno, CA (559) 779-4892 Contact
LSC Central California (CC)
LSC Chair Taylor Kahn
Location Fresno, CA
Phone (559) 779-4892
Email Contact
Colorado (CO) Scott Powell Centennial, CO (303) 883 0094 Contact
LSC Colorado (CO)
LSC Chair Scott Powell
Location Centennial, CO
Phone (303) 883 0094
Email Contact
Hawaiian (HI) Stephanie Monahan Mililani, HI (540) 413-6687 Contact
LSC Hawaiian (HI)
LSC Chair Stephanie Monahan
Location Mililani, HI
Phone (540) 413-6687
Email Contact
Inland Empire (IE) Steve Hudlet Hayden, ID H: (208) 772-3642
M: (208) 755-1586
LSC Inland Empire (IE)
LSC Chair Steve Hudlet
Location Hayden, ID
Phone H: (208) 772-3642
M: (208) 755-1586
Email Contact
Montana (MT) Lon Huckert Bozeman, MT H: (406) 522-3775
M: (406) 581-0458
LSC Montana (MT)
LSC Chair Lon Huckert
Location Bozeman, MT
Phone H: (406) 522-3775
M: (406) 581-0458
Email Contact
New Mexico (NM) Lance Sanchez Albuquerque, NM (901) 277-0119 Contact
LSC New Mexico (NM)
LSC Chair Lance Sanchez
Location Albuquerque, NM
Phone (901) 277-0119
Email Contact
Oregon (OR) Judi Creech Vancouver, OR (360) 909-7526 Contact
LSC Oregon (OR)
LSC Chair Judi Creech
Location Vancouver, OR
Phone (360) 909-7526
Email Contact
Pacific (PC) Philip Grant Benicia, CA (707) 280-4008 Contact
LSC Pacific (PC)
LSC Chair Philip Grant
Location Benicia, CA
Phone (707) 280-4008
Email Contact
Pacific Northwest (PN) David Guffey Burien, WA (206) 526-1649 Contact
LSC Pacific Northwest (PN)
LSC Chair David Guffey
Location Burien, WA
Phone (206) 526-1649
Email Contact
San Diego-Imperial (SI) Bob Horne San Diego, CA (858) 578-4965 Contact
LSC San Diego-Imperial (SI)
LSC Chair Bob Horne
Location San Diego, CA
Phone (858) 578-4965
Email Contact
Sierra Nevada (SN) Melissa Spzik-Serrao Sacramento, CA (415) 753-2359 Contact
LSC Sierra Nevada (SN)
LSC Chair Melissa Spzik-Serrao
Location Sacramento, CA
Phone (415) 753-2359
Email Contact
Snake River (SR) Glenn Roth Idaho Falls, ID (208) 523-1002 Contact
LSC Snake River (SR)
LSC Chair Glenn Roth
Location Idaho Falls, ID
Phone (208) 523-1002
Email Contact
Utah (UT) Alicia Simon Salt Lake City, UT (801) 755-1337 Contact
LSC Utah (UT)
LSC Chair Alicia Simon
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Phone (801) 755-1337
Email Contact
Western Zone (WZ) Mike Davis Gilroy, CA (408) 761-1501 Contact
LSC Western Zone (WZ)
LSC Chair Mike Davis
Location Gilroy, CA
Phone (408) 761-1501
Email Contact
Wyoming (WY) George Mathes Laramie, WY H: (307) 745-8653
M: (307) 760-5655
LSC Wyoming (WY)
LSC Chair George Mathes
Location Laramie, WY
Phone H: (307) 745-8653
M: (307) 760-5655
Email Contact
Wyoming (WY) Eric Robinson Casper, WY (307) 259-7975 Contact
LSC Wyoming (WY)
LSC Chair Eric Robinson
Location Casper, WY
Phone (307) 259-7975
Email Contact

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