Officials Online Testing

Online Testing

The USA Swimming National Officials Committee has developed a testing and certification program to ensure the consistency of top-level officiating at meets nationwide. For information on National Certification, please visit the National Certification page.


You can take an online officials test (certification and re-certification) for any of the following:

  • Administrative Referee
  • Administrative Official
  • Clerk
  • Referee
  • Starter
  • Stroke and Turn/Timer
  • Timer
  • Timing Judge
  • Open Water Judge
  • Open Water Referee
If you have questions about which test you should take or if your certification has expired, contact your LSC Officials Chair.


In order to use this test site, you need to have a USA Swimming website user account. If you already have a website account on, you will need to log in to that account to take your test(s). Use the sign in link in the upper right corner to log in.

NOTE: Please make sure the account you are using is not linked to your child's USA Swimming member record. If you had set up a Deck Pass account to access a child's information, you will need to create a new separate account for yourself that is linked to your own USA Swimming member record.

If you don't already have a USA Swimming website account, create an account first ("sign in" upper right corner and follow steps to create an account) and then navigate back to this page to take your test(s).

Note that any test you start and do not complete by 4/14/2021 will be automatically deleted on 4/15/2021 in order to make updates to the tests to coincide with the 2021 Rulebook. COMPLETED tests (from any year) will not be deleted, just incomplete ones.


Once you are logged in to your USA Swimming website account, click on "Take Online Test" at the bottom of this page.


Choose the appropriate test from the "Start Test" drop down menu that appears. Taking the Timing Judge, Clerk of Course or Administrative Official test? Please DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Timing Judge Worksheet to use with the TIMING JUDGE and ADMIN OFFICIAL tests . Please DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Seeding Worksheet for the CLERK of COURSE test.


Confirm your understanding of the test expiration date by checking "I agree". Click "Next".


Verify your personal contact information (enter all information requested so that we may contact you if needed) and click on "Save Information and Proceed to Test". Your LSC Officials Chair will receive email notification that you have passed the test, so please enter your LSC correctly.


You can enter the clinic instructor info if you wish. It is not required.


Click on "Start Test" (Ignore the "Print Blank Version of Test" button. You will have this option later).


First test question appears. You can proceed to answer the questions at this point. Answer the question and then click "Next". Proceed to answer all the questions and then "End Test/Submit for Grading".

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