Perfect Fly and Breast Walls

Perfect Fly and Breast Walls

By Russell Mark//National Team High Performance Consultant  | Monday, October 5, 2015

Coaches always preach perfect finishes in workouts. But so often in a race, an athlete will approach a turn or finish in-between strokes. Do you take another stroke or glide into the wall? Neither are ideal. Races are won and lost because of poor timing into a turn or finish.

Don't leave it to chance!! At the prep camp prior to the 2015 World Championships, Coach Sergio Lopez had Kevin Cordes doing sets of 25's and 50's dedicated only to perfect timing at the wall. Kevin was making adjustments 2 or 3 strokes before the wall, and hitting each wall perfectly.

Lo and behold! Kevin made noticeable adjustments at the World Championships to hit his walls perfectly too. If you can practice this little thing in workouts, it'll be very easy to make it happen in a meet.

Thanks to Sergio Lopez and Kevin Cordes for sharing this training tip!


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