List of Individuals Suspended or Ineligible - Specific Date


UPDATED 2/7/2019

The following is a list of individuals who have been suspended from membership in USA Swimming for a specific amount of time.  This list of Individuals Suspended or Ineligible - Specific Date (the "Suspended List") contains names of those individuals suspended by USA Swimming's National Board of Review and does not include the names of individuals suspended by a Zone Board of Review, LSC Board of Review, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, or pursuant to USA Swimming's Criminal Background Check Policy.

The Suspended List reflects the names of individuals currently suspended.  It is not intended to be a historical record of current or past members who have ever been suspended.  The Suspended List does not list the names of minors serving suspensions.  As a result, this list may not be exhaustive.  To confirm the membership status of an individual, please contact USA Swimming Safe Sport staff at


Last NameFirst NameStateSuspension Start DateSuspension End DateCode of Conduct Section
AllredMikaCA11/14/201411/14/2024304.3.4, 304.3.8B, 304.3.19
BabylonKristopherLA9/9/20169/9/2026304.3.15, 304.3.19, 305.4
BacklerElizabethMA11/24/201511/24/2022304.3.6, 304.3.8A, 304.3.9, 304.3.19
BowenVictorMA3/6/2014Indefinite304.3.6, 304.3.18, 304.3.19
ChengShu HanTX10/17/201710/17/2027304.3.8, 304.3.19
CooperThaniaFL10/9/201710/9/2029304.3.15, 304.3.19
DaigneaultLoisNM12/26/201412/26/2021304.3.14, 304.3.18, 304.3.15, 304.3.19
FraenkelDerick "Tom"GA4/16/20184/16/2019304.3.4, 305.1
KellerPatrick (PJ)GA7/1/20157/1/2025304.3.15, 304.3.19
KillamKameronOK4/16/20144/16/2024304.3.6, 304.3.9, 304.3.19
MayberryCarolynMS11/20/201411/20/2019304.3.4, 304.3.8, 304.3.19, 305.1
MimsTravisFL4/20/20154/20/2021304.3.6, 304.3.19
NorysKohltonCA4/6/20174/6/2022304.3.7, 304.3.19
WeeksDavidGA6/2/20156/2/2025304.3.4, 305.1
WitheyJessCA6/27/20166/27/2023304.3.6, 304.3.15, 304.3.19


*Occurred prior to current Code of Conduct, information not available, or no Code of Conduct section applies.