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Monday, April 3, 2017

Online Clinic Series - Training & Technique

Online Clinic Series - Training & Technique

The Training & Technique Series has valuable information for coaches looking to diversify training or improve their swimmers' technique. Topics in this series include dryland training, stroke technique, starts and turns, and more!

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
11/17/10 Developmental Training Ron Forrest Slides Recording
2/28/11 How to be a Great Stroke Teacher Steave Haufler Slides Recording
5/11/11 Key Skills & Drills for Age Group Coaches Jennifer Gibson Slides Recording
2/22/12 Training for Capacity vs. Utilization Bob Bowman Slides Recording
4/12/12 Dolphin Kicking Russell Mark Slides Recording
5/23/12 Freestyle and Backstroke Turns Guy Edson Slides Recording
9/26/12 IM Training Scott Colby Slides Recording
10/10/12 Dryland Training Scott Shea Slides Recording
11/14/12 Freestyle and Backstroke Rotation Russell Mark Slides Recording
11/28/12 Kicking as Part of Training Tony Batis Slides Recording
1/9/13 Breaststroke Shawn Smith Slides Recording
1/23/13 Dryland Programming for Club Swimming Keenan Robinson Slides Recording
2/20/13 Backstroke Technique Russell Mark Slides Recording
3/13/13 Open Water Swimming Training Jack Fabian, Bryce Elser Slides Recording
5/15/13 Key Skills and Drills 2.0 Jennifer Gibson Slides Recording
5/22/13 Butterfly Technique Russell Mark Slides Recording
9/18/13 Freestyle Variations: Part I - Arm Stroke Russell Mark Slides Recording
3/12/14 Freestyle Variations: Part II - The Foundation Russell Mark Slides Recording
6/4/14 Breaststroke Russell Mark Slides Recording
6/25/14 Developing Power Through Resistance Training Blaine Carlson Slides Recording
3/4/15 Starts and Turns Russell Mark Slides Recording
3/25/15 Developing Backstroke Rotation in Age Group Swimmers...Plus Some Dale Porter Slides Recording
2/10/16 How to Evaluate Technique Russell Mark Slides Recording
2/17/16 Static Stretching & Dynamic Warm-Ups George Edelman Slides
Handout 1
Handout 2
6/14/17 Functional Dryland for Swimmers Markell Lyng Slides
2/13/19 Dryland: From Weight Room to Age Group Bryan Dedeaux Slides Recording
4/8/20 10 Basics for Getting Started in Open Water Kaitlin Pawlowicz Slides Recording
5/5/20 Technique Tuesdays Stroke Review: Butterfly Russell Mark Slides
5/12/20 Technique Tuesdays Stroke Review: Backstroke Russell Mark Slides
5/19/20 Technique Tuesdays Stroke Review: Breaststroke Russell Mark Slides
5/26/20 Technique Tuesdays Stroke Review: Freestyle Russell Mark Slides

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