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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Checklist for Starting a New Club

Checklist for Starting a New Club

  1. Contact your Local Swimming Committee (LSC).
  2. Download the Prospective Club Membership forms and information.
  3. Pick a name for your club.
  4. Secure pool time.
    1. Address important legal issues in pool contracts.
    2. Complete Facility Use Confirmation Form
  5. Determine the structure of your club (see Starting a Club/Types of Clubs)
  6. Secure necessary coach documentation including safety, education, background screening and athlete protection training.
  7. Hire an attorney and accountant to guide you in the set-up of your legal and financial operations. (Secure a Federal Tax ID number, set up a nonprofit or for profit business, sample bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc)
  8. Meet with primary supporters and lay out your plans. Formally establish governing body.
  9. Have the Head Coach and one other club leader complete the Club Leadership and Business Management School 101 Online Course.
  10. Establish fees and budget. 
  11. Establish a safety action plan for each facility that is being used (including pools used for meets only). Familiarize yourself with risk management and insurance issues. (Safety/Loss Control Manual, Insurance Coverage FAQ.)
  12. Establish training schedules, group requirements, team policies (Sample Club Handbook).
  13. Hire, train, and be sure that all staff meet the requirements for coach membership in USA Swimming (coach safety, educational, and background screen requirements). Be sure to follow hiring practice guidelines established by USA Swimming.
  14. Complete all paperwork required (listed below) for new club membership for the LSC and the USA Swimming National Office, submit paperwork with appropriate registration fee, and wait for approval.
    1. LSC application form
    2. Coach safety requirements
    3. Background screen requirements
    4. Coach education and Athlete Protection requirements
    5. Team Mission Statement
    6. Safety Action Plan
    7. First Year Budget or Business Plan
    8. Facility Use Confirmation Form
    9. Two CLBMS 101 Certificates of Completion
    10. New Club Requirement Checklist
  15. Schedule attendance at a Club Leadership & Business Management School in-person 201 course.
  16. Advertise, publicize and conduct tryouts.
  17. Register all athletes with USA Swimming and conduct Racing Start Certification for all swimmers. 
  18. Dive in!

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