Coach Connection Newsletter #21 - 5/21/19

Coach Connection Newsletter #21 - 5/21/19

 | Monday, June 3, 2019

Message from USA Swimming Safe Sport

From Abigail Howard, Associate Counsel & Director of Safe Sport

We appreciate your commitment to keeping our athlete safe from abuse.

The MAAPP addresses risk areas in which abuse can occur and is intentionally designed to limit one-on-one interactions between adults and minor athletes. The goal of this policy is to prevent the isolation of one adult and one minor athlete, a situation that elevates the risk of child sexual abuse. In order to be effective, the policy applies to all adults who may have contact with minor athletes as a result of participation in the sport of swimming. Every adult involved in USA Swimming – coaches, staff members, athletes over the age of 18 and even those we permit on the pool deck at meets – is authorized to have contact with minor athletes. As a result, it is our obligation to ensure that these adults follow these rules while they are authorized to be in contact with our minor athletes. It is also important we teach our athletes that when they turn 18, as adults, we have higher expectations for them. They can still interact with their peer teammates but must be educated on athlete protection. 

We understand that MAAPP may adjust how you have conducted business in the past and we are committed to helping you through that transition. Coaches are critical to the success of USA Swimming and you are integral in creating an abuse-free environment in our sport. The healthy boundaries you model for your athletes will set an example for them as they interact with adults in positions of authority.

Thank you for joining us in this effort.


Assistant Coach Application for the National Open Water Select Camp

Closes June 3

The assistant coach application for the National Open Water Select Camp is now open! The camp will be held from August 13-18 in Pleasant Prairie, WI in conjunction with the UANA Junior Open Water Swimming Championships. The application will be open until Monday, June 3 and can be found here.

Open water experience is required to be on staff. 

Challenge Yourself with Nutrition This Summer

By Chris Rosenbloom, USA Swimming Contributor, May 20, 2019 

The Internet is awash with challenges. From J.Lo and A-Rod’s 10-day “zero carbs” challenge (not dietitian-approved and not a good idea for active swimmers unless you are looking to bonk in the pool), to charity-inspired money raising challenges (like the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS).

This summer, take the challenge fever in a positive direction and challenge yourself or your teammates to adopt healthy habits to enhance your swimming performance and set yourself up for good health in the years to come. Maybe coaches could set a nutrition challenge for their teams, too.

Learn more

Registration is now open for the first-ever We LEAD Summit!

The We LEAD Summit is designed to inspire leadership in male and female athletes and build confidence to achieve success both in and out of the pool. These summits are open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade swimmers.

Where: Norcross, GA

When: June 28-30, 2019

Cost: Includes summit fee, lodging, meals and ground transportation (to/from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

Standard Registration:

  • $300 per person
  • Bring a Buddy! Register 2 or more people and get 10% of total cost

LSC Registration:

  • $300 per person if registering 2 swimmers
  • $275 per person if registering 4 or more swimmers

Questions? Email Sydney Pinello or check out our We LEAD FAQ

Register Now!

Clean Sport

United States Anti- Doping Agency (USADA)

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.


Just because the summer months are almost here doesn't mean a common cold won't strike. Here are some ways athletes subject to antidoping rules can safely use cold and flu medications when needed:

Athletes: Searching your medication on GlobalDRO and then comparing your results with your competitive status are the first two steps when determining if you need a TUE. Check out the process:  

How is spironolactone used medically? Can athletes apply for a TUE for spironolactone and canrenone?

Answers in this link. 

2019 USA Swimming’s Regional Build A Pool Conferences

Save The Date

The Regional Build A Pool Conference series offers comprehensive education in EDUCATION in BUILDING, REVOVATING and PROGRAMMING both new and existing facilities. This information is cutting edge about the process of building and programming pools to be community centerpieces for safety, health & wellness while still being financially sustainable.

St. Louis, MO – September 15 & 16

Williamsburg, VA – October 19 & 20

Denver, CO – November 8 & 9

To learn more & to register go here:

QUESTIONS email Sue Nelson 

The Science of Making Better Decisions

By Trevor Ragan, Alex Belser, April 02, 2019

The Science of Decisions

Understanding some principles of behavioral economics can help us make better decisions in the short run in order to achieve our long term goals. This can help us take and sustain action on any learning pursuit.

Listen to the 25:24 podcast:

Don't Be Boring!

By Harvey Mackay's Weekly Nationally Syndicated Column, April 25, 2019 

In a classic “Peanuts” cartoon, Charlie Brown says to Lucy, “I have a great fear of being boring.” Then in the next frame Charlie says, “I also have a great fear of being bored.” Finally, Charlie turns to Lucy and asks, “What’s the most bored you’ve ever been?” And Lucy answers, “Besides right now?”

We’ve all faced boredom at one time or another. Routine tasks become drudgery. We need a change of scenery before we climb the walls. It gets harder and harder to get out of a rut.

My good friend Lou Holtz says, “If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.”

A recent article by Lu Hanessian in the Courier Post online distinguished between good boredom and bad boredom.

Learn more

Inside The Relationship That Unleashed Steph Curry's Greatness

By Tom Junod, ESPN Senior Writer, May 17, 2019 

"DO YOU REMEMBER Timmy Timlin?" Steph Curry's college coach asks. We're sitting in a bar in Davidson, North Carolina, Bob McKillop and I, each of us working on an afternoon beer.

"Of course," I say. "He was a god."

Timmy Timlin was the senior starting quarterback when I was a junior third-stringer at Holy Trinity High School in Hicksville, New York. He also pitched for the baseball team and went on to play Division I football and baseball in college.

"Well," McKillop says, with a wince and a head shake, "I'm the reason he didn't play basketball."

Learn more

The Value of Team

By Don Swartz & Ken DeMont, swim coach direct. May 20, 2019

If you are looking for a good new book we encourage you to read “Eddie Reese” by Chuck Warner with Dana Abbott (a portion of each book sold is donated to the UT Legacy campaign). Coach Reese has demonstrated over decades of swimming excellence that when the team comes first good things come to those on that team.

He recalls from 2013 that he had a few guys who were not making good decisions outside the pool and as a result were bringing the whole team down. He sat down with one of them (who happened to be one of the fastest guys on the team) and told him that he needed to grow up. And then he said, “And you are not going to grow up at Texas”. He was kicked off the team. Eddie had tried unsuccessfully using other methods to change the team problem. So he took the ultimate route.

On our club team we always are looking for ways to improve team culture. Our specific challenge is that we have teenagers who go to 14 different high schools and thus don’t have the “culture” reinforced all day every day. So we continue to work at it during our 2-3 hours a day 6 days a week. And it is work, no doubt about that. It is also continuous since our kids matriculate annually and new ones are added.

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