Coach Connection Newsletter #19 - 5/10/19

Coach Connection Newsletter #19 - 5/10/19

 | Thursday, May 23, 2019

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

Just added educational FAQ’s

USA Swimming Member clubs are required to implement the USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) in full by June 23, 2019. MAAPP contains five sections: one-on-one interactions, travel, social media and electronic communications, locker rooms and changing areas and massage, rubdowns and athletic training modalities. Please read below for the Policy and other education materials. 

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy


Massages, Rubdowns and Athletic Training Modalities

2019 Board of Directors Call for Nominations

Deadline to apply is May 15, 2019

The USA Swimming Board of Directors and Nominating Committee invite qualified candidates to apply for nomination for election to the Board of Directors.

Please review the 2019 Board of Directors Volunteer Application Instructions prior to applying.

Call for Nominations Introduction

In September 2019, the USA Swimming House of Delegates will elect four(4) individuals to be At-Large members of the USA Swimming Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee will select and place on the ballot a minimum of 8, and not more than 12, vetted nominees.

Interested candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review the information below, and the application form, to verify their understanding of the nominating criteria and to ensure their willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of Board membership.

Those interested in serving on USA Swimming’s Board of Directors beginning in September 2019 must submit a completed application no later than Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Late applications will not be considered by the Nominating Committee.

Assistant Coach Application for the National Open Water Select Camp

Closes June 3rd

The assistant coach application for the National Open Water Select Camp is now open! The camp will be held from August 13-18 in Pleasant Prairie, WI in conjunction with the UANA Junior Open Water Swimming Championships. The application will be open until Monday, June 3rd and can be found here. Open water experience is required to be on staff. 

Registration is now open for the first-ever We LEAD Summit!

The We LEAD Summit is designed to inspire leadership in male and female athletes and build confidence to achieve success both in and out of the pool. These summits are open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade swimmers.

Where: Norcross, GA

When: June 28-30, 2019

Cost: Includes summit fee, lodging, meals and ground transportation (to/from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

Standard Registration:

  • $300 per person before May 2 ($350 after May 2)
  • Bring a Buddy! Register 2 or more people and get 10% of total cost

LSC Registration:

  • $300 per person if registering 2 swimmers
  • $275 per person if registering 4 or more swimmers

Questions? Email Sydney Pinello or check out our We LEAD FAQ

Register Now!

Need More Water?

Running out of water space? Can’t depend on aquatic facility staying open? Maybe it is time to attend a Regional Build A Pool Conference and start planning for the future.

Before thinking about what the aquatic facility will look like, one needs to think about how “programming precedes design”

plays into creating the dream pool. Creating programs to meet your community needs will be the key to operating a sustainable aquatic facility of any size


The Build a Pool Conferences is a 2 day workshop. To facilitate your travel plans, we will make every effort to be finished by 3:00 PM on day 2.

The last 2 hours of day 2 of the conference has some very important information you will not want to miss.

Regional Build-A-Pool Conference Schedule- Confirmed dates & locations below:

Click on date to learn more and to register for any of the three conferences left in 2019 :

Dates of Regional BAP

St. Louis, MO

Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel

Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg Lodge

Denver, CO

Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park 

Clean Sport

United States Anti- Doping Agency (USADA)

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.


Athletes: are you prescribed an inhaler to treat asthma? Check out this FAQ that will help you determine which inhalers are permitted in sport and if you might need a TUE. not only allows you to check the status of a medication, but also the ingredients it contains. Check it out, all about cleansport.


Keep in mind that energy drinks may not be the best choice for athletes. Here are the 5 things you should know about energy drinks. The More You Know the better to help your athletes.

Thinking supplements are as safe as medications is a cleansport red flag! Click the link to read why:

How Do Cubs Raise So Much Money Through Their Swim-a-Thon?

They supercharge their event by partnering with the USA Swimming Foundation and TeamUnify’s TU Money. With the online fundraising platform and all the tips and tricks from the 2019 Swim-a-Thon Book of Success, it has never been easier to host a successful Swim-a-Thon and raise money for your team.

Sign-up today. 

Don’t Steal the Reps from Your Athletes

By John O'Sullivan,, May 1, 2019

Imagine you went to your child’s algebra class and got to be a fly on the wall. Imagine the teacher was being assessed on your child’s test results in two days. Now imagine that instead of teaching your child how to problem solve, and the concepts behind doing algebra problems, she just took out the answer key and said “here are all the answers. I will put these up on the board during the test so if you can’t do the problems, just put down what I write on the board.”

This is a farcical situation, right? It would never be OK for our child’s math teacher to do this, as we can all agree that no learning would take place. By the same token, if we do our child’s math homework for him every night, we can all agree that he is not learning math, right?

The children are getting the answers and solving the problems, but they are not the ones doing the reps. Yet how often does this happen in sports?

Learn more

Team USA Offers Resources for Parents of Youth Athletes

By USOC, April 5, 2019 

Parents do not receive a playbook when their child signs up to play a sport.

There is no manual.

There is no tip sheet.

An initiative by the United States Olympic Committee has pulled together expert advice and input from its many national governing bodies (NGBs) to produce the Team USA Parent Youth Sports Resources.

It started April 5 and continuing each month through the end of 2019, the program will roll out a total of 32 resources to help parents negotiate their way through the youth sports machine. It is an ambitious program that involves input from 12 NGBs, including USA Swimming, USA Hockey, USA Volleyball and others. 

Visit our website

Reframing Sport for Girls Toolkit

Our toolkit inspired by Reframing Sport for Teenage Girls brings you resources and key findings from the research which is funded by Sport England. It also brings together important insight about girls from various other sectors and will be updated regularly as new insight becomes available.

Learn more


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