Diversity Camp Progression

Diversity Camp Progression

 | Saturday, February 23, 2019

Swim Camp Opportunities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

USA Swimming offers a variety of camp opportunities to help its member athletes across the nation reach their full potential. Swimmers can progress through USA Swimming’s camp programs, moving on to more and more camp opportunities as they improve.

LSC “Catch the Spirit Camp” is a wonderful starting place for swimmers seeking a local camp experience. This camp is hosted and run at the LSC level with some USA Swimming support. Athletes ready to take the next step, may be selected for our Zone Diversity Select Camps. These are run by each Zone during alternating years with increased involvement from USA Swimming. The National Diversity Select Camp is USA Swimming’s premier camp aimed at diverse athletes. Swimmers will train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center with other top swimmers across the nation and participate in educational sessions.  

LSC Catch the Spirit Camps

USA Swimming provides educational and motivational materials to CatchTheSpiritCampLogorun local camps in Local Swim Committee’s (LSC) across the country.

These “Catch the Spirit” camps are designed to offer swimmers a combination of educational sessions, social opportunities, and water activities. The camps place swimmers in one of four skill-level groups—novice, beginning, advanced, and regional/national advanced. Each level targets key elements of development for swimmers at each stage.

To learn more about Catch the Spirit Camps click here.

Zone Diversity Select Camps

Fundamental Objectives and Purpose of the Camp:

  • MotivationSelectCampZONEDIV
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Excellence

Each year two Zones host a camp. In even years, the Central and Western Zones will host camps. In odd years, the Eastern and Southern Zones will host their camps. Although USA Swimming supports these camps, each Zone is encouraged to develop a camp plan that reflects the goals of the Zone.

Click here for the Diversity Select Camp Director job description.

For selection criteria and bid submission procedures, click here.

To learn more about Zone Diversity Select Camps click here.

National Diversity Select Camp

Each spring, USA Swimming invites 48 athletes from National Diversity Select Camp logounderrepresented populations to participate in a three-day camp program which includes pool training, motivational and education sessions, and team-building activities.

To be considered for Diversity Select Camp, swimmers must meet the qualification time standards, represent an ethnically underrepresented population in our sport, and fill out an online application.

To learn more about National Diversity Select Camp click here.



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