Coach Connection Newsletter # 1 - 1/4/19

Coach Connection Newsletter # 1 - 1/4/19

 | Friday, January 4, 2019

Leadership Summit Assistant Coach Application

The deadline to apply is Saturday January 5th

The assistant coach application is now open for the Leadership Summit which will be held April 24-28, 2019 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. This event is a four day educational workshop for athletes and coaches. In partnership with Forward Progress and hosted at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, athletes will receive training in key leadership skills (understanding different leadership styles, finding your own leadership style, values clarification), networking and communication tools, LSC governance, safe sport, clean sport, diversity & inclusion, and servant leadership. Athlete will leave equipped to engage as leaders in their LSCs.

To Apply as an Assistant Coach click here

Manager’s Trip List Application

The deadline to apply is Friday January 4th 

How about being involved with one of USA Swimming’s trips or camps! The application for the 2019 National Team & Sport Development Camp/Trip Manager positions Closes TODAY. 

Apply Here

The 2019 USA Swimming Foundation Grant Application for Make a Splash Local Partners

The Deadline is January 15 at 5pm EST.

In 2019, the USA Swimming Foundation will invest more than $600,000 in grants to help its Make a Splash Local Partners provide services to children who, otherwise, would not have the opportunity to participate in swim lessons. Grants will be awarded in two rounds, one in the Spring of 2019, and one in the Fall. We invite all eligible and interested USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Local Partners to submit proposals.

Click here to download the 2019 Grant Guidelines and Instructions  

Additional info click here. 

Regional Coaching Clinics 2019

Registration is live and here is the link to the page:

Charleston, SC: Feb. 8-10—St. Julian Devine Community Center (room block at the Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Waterfront)

Albany, OR: April 12-14—Phoenix Inn Suites (room block at the Courtyard Corvallis)

Sioux Fall, SD: April 12-14—Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center

Rochester, NY: May 3-5—Rochester Marriott Airport

Small Wins, Big Gains: Why Youth Athletes Should Try Incremental Goals

By TrueSport, December 2018

Whether they realize it or not, youth athletes are great at setting goals…

I want to make the select traveling team. This season I will lead the team in points. I’d do anything to get all-district honors.

What they might not be so good at is envisioning the steps that will get them to these goals. That’s why parents and coach are critical in helping youth athletes design a program that breaks down their big goals into smaller, more incremental ones.

John C. Norcross is a clinical psychologist and professor who has been studying self-change since the 1970s. In his book, Changeology, he recommends a system of incremental goal-setting that has been successful for a wide range of people.

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Clean Sport

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.


Our 2019 Athlete Handbook, Pocket Guide, and Wallet Card are now available! Give them a look and #competeclean in the new year! #cleansport

Check Before You Take Those Supplements!

Taking supplements is risky. Check out USADA’s Supplement411 for ways to recognize safety issues and reduce these risks.

Freestyle - Head Position

By Glenn Mills, GoSwim Video of the Week, January 2, 2019


Article -

Check out this new video featuring UK Olympian James Guy. Some great head position illustration shown as well.

Slight changes in your head position can have a big impact on how fast you are in freestyle.

Why do it:

Focusing on head position, rather than allowing your eyes to distract you, can help your body stay in a more proper line, which can provide better balance, better rotation, better extension, a more productive pull, a more powerful kick, and a more efficient stroke. In other words... IT'S IMPORTANT!

How to do it:

1 - If you're just starting to think about your head position, open your eyes. By that, we mean, think about where you're looking.

2 - Young swimmers, with a lot of other swimmers in the lane can typically spend the majority of their swim practice looking forward... to see where the other swimmers are. This will cause the hips to drop, the kick to become supportive rather than propulsive, and the arms will push down more than they'll push back. Not good.

3 - Other swimmers will have heard to keep their head down... so they REALLY keep their head down, too much. If the water completely covers your head, to the point the entire head is submerged, you can create much more resistance with your recovery.

4 - Great head position has just a bit of the back of the head showing above the surface, allows for good rotation and a clean recovery, and the eyes will be looking just a bit ahead of you.

How to do it really well (the fine points):

First, make sure you leave on time (more on that next week), so you don't have to worry about running in to the person in front of you. Second, try some various positions so you can be aware of what happens when you DO move your head too far out of line.

Start with your head too high, eyes looking directly forward. Feel what your hands and feet are doing to hold you up, and focus on what's happening to your hips.

Next put your head too low, bury it in the water until it's completely submerged.

Finally, relax your neck and look just a bit forward. Your shoulder should be able to go just on your cheek as you extend your arm forward. Also think about how clear of water your shoulder is during your recovery.

Not everyone has the exact same head position, but somewhere between too high, and too low, you'll find yours. Keep experimenting

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Seeking The Edge of Chaos

By Mark Upton, Player Development Project, January 2019

What place does chaos have in development? Co-founder of myfastestmile and top PDP contributor, Mark Upton shares a thought provoking article on the balance between chaos and order and how it might impact on the environments we create, referencing the work of FC Barcelona.

Below is a nice little primer on the “edge of chaos”, revealing that it is here where a system (player/team/club/national sport) can be most adaptive…

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Best Video Presentations from Positive Coaching Alliance

From PCA, January 2018

10 educational video presentations.

Motivation Over Discipline

By Brett & Kate McKay,, January 01, 2019

Everywhere you look these days, people are exalting the sentiment behind this mantra; they’re down on motivation and high on discipline.

Your Instagram feed is probably full of “influencers” shouting at you to get disciplined. Discipline, discipline, discipline!

We used to beat the discipline drum ourselves. In fact, we were banging on about discipline before it was cool, man!

But in the past few years, I’ve found myself changing my tune. Chalk it up to the greater self-awareness that (hopefully) comes with age, but I realized that while it felt satisfying in a fist-pumping, chest-thumping kind of way to attribute my good habits to discipline, it wasn’t really the operative force behind their execution.

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