2017-2018 Scholastic All-America Summary

2017-2018 Scholastic All-America Summary

 | Friday, October 12, 2018

Athlete Numbers:

Successful Applicants       1626

                        Girls                 809

                        Boys                 817


Three-Timers                          181

Open Water                                3

Disability                                   13


Central Zone                            398

Eastern Zone                           410

Southern Zone                        446

Western Zone                         372


9th Grade                                240

10th Grade                               408

11th Grade                                564

12th Grade                               414


No perfect scores in 2017-2018 (National Champion and 4.0 GPA)


Top LSCs                                                                      Top Clubs

North Carolina Swimming                  120                  Swim MAC Carolina-NC                      47

Southern California Swimming           104                  Nation’s Capital Swim Club-PV           34

Illinois Swimming                                   85                 Irvine Novaquatics-CA                         26

Pacific Swimming                                   73                 Dynamo Swim Club-GA                       20

Potomac Valley Swimming                    72                 Marlins of Raleigh-NC                         19

Florida Swimming                                  67                 NOVA of Virginia Aquatics-VA            19

Georgia Swimming                                65                 Swim Atlanta-GA                                 19


SAA team members will receive three certificates and a bag tag. Three-timers will receive a special gift. Awards will be shipped in the Fall.

USA Swimming is proud to recognize these scholar-athletes and congratulates the swimmers on their achievement, as well as their coaches and parents for their outstanding support



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