Convention Blog: Day Three

Convention Blog: Day Three

By Convention Education Committee  | Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jessica Cooper

It's Friday and this Convention Mother is in need of a lifeboat to escape to a tropical island. I say "Convention Mother" because I realized this week that I have assumed the mothering role for our dear Athlete Representatives. I provide the snacks when they haven't eaten, receive the texts when they are leaving the hotel, and the bright-eyed welcomes when they see me coming. And I say I need a lifeboat to a tropical island not because I don't love these kiddos, but because Convention week takes a lot of energy and I'm ready for some rest!

It was a full last day of sessions, one of which I began with a figurehead of parliamentary procedure, Dan McAllen. Dan presented our annual Robert's Rules session where he took the attendees through the process of legislation from proposal to vote, all with knowledge and humor. Then I had the pleasure of spending time with our Athlete Reps (aka my Convention Children) in the Athlete Engagement session where we talked about how intentional we are/are not being with our organization's culture. We all agreed we fall in the middle of the continuum and have work to do to intentionally increase our athlete engagement in the LSC.

The day ended with our LSC dinner and the first HOD session where there were two exciting presentations for the Georgia LSC. We were recognized for our LEAP 2 achievement and $2,500 award and our lovely Safe Sport Coordinator Ceci was the well-deserving recipient of the Safe Sport Impact Award. 

The bitter end is upon us as we approach our final day with the House of Delegates and USAS Banquet tomorrow. Thank you for taking this Convention trip with us, we'll meet you in St. Louis next year!

Traci Johnson
Friday was a great day for USA Swimming!  Beginning with a Women’s breakfast, some great workshops including Athlete Engagement and Meet the Candidates, and topped off by the Foundation luncheon. As the zones wrapped up their business, the vendors packed up to head home. Governance changes, new board members and many changes that will affect us all at the local level are on the horizon....and what I see in the hallways and on the elevator are volunteers committed to pushing our great organization into the next phase. Tonight we honored those who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of our athletes and remember those who were lost this year. Tomorrow, we’ll elect the board, vote on some important issues, then pack up our suitcase and head back to a calendar full of swim meets and committee meetings. We’ll work hard to implement the changes asked of us and give our best effort for the young swimmers depending on us. I’m very thankful tonight for the friends working alongside me, for the support of a great staff, and for an organization worth our efforts.

Jamie Bloom

I’m fortunate to belong to both USA swimming & YMCA swimming and I got to start my day in a joint meeting with the 2 organizations. We heard about collaborative efforts and ideas that are going to bring these strong organizations closer together in our mission to serve youth through the great sport of swimming. After the Y meeting I dropped in to the Bright Ideas meeting just in time to vote for one of the innovative Bright Ideas! Congrats to the athletes from Alaska as they were lucky enough to pick up the grand prize!

My next stop was the Sports Medicine presentation on Holistic Medical Care. Dr. Mistry is awesome and we are very lucky to have him working with our athletes! Don’t forget to check in with Global DRO to make sure your supplements can pass the test! I spent the rest of my day at our Happy 2 Help desk. We met our goal of selling all of our Lingo Bingo cards before the start of HOD. Thank you to everyone who made a purchase and remember NO SHOUTING BINGO! Of course the day ended with the start of the HOD. Thank you to Jim Sheehan for your leadership over the past 4 years!

Congratulations to all of the award winners, it’s amazing to listen to all of your accomplishments! The only thing left to do now is to show up tomorrow, participate in the HOD & vote! Oh and of course hold my breath while the Red Sox play the Yankees over the next 3 days!



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