Board of Directors

Board of Directors

By Staff  | Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dale Ammon, Western Zone Director (Non-Coach)
John Bradley, Central Zone Director (Coach)
Chris Brearton*, At-Large
Natalie Coughlin Hall, Athlete Representative
Maya DiRado, Athlete Representative
Dr. Cecil Gordon, At-Large
John Roy, Southern Zone Director (Coach)
Jim Sheehan, 2014-2018 Chair of the Board
Jeanette Skow*, At-Large
Davis Tarwater, Athlete Representative
Jay Thomas, At-Large
Mary Turner, Eastern Zone Director (Non-Coach)
Tom Ugast, At-Large
Bob Vincent, At-Large
Jim Wood, National Team Steering Committee Chair

*Semi-independent representatives are individuals with a demonstrable connection to the sport, but who have not previously been members of the House of Delegates. USA Swimming President & CEO Tim Hinchey III and General Counsel & Vice President of Business Affairs Lucinda McRoberts will continue to serve as ex-officio, non-voting members.



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