Meet the Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers

By Convention Education Committee  | Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Welcome to the Convention Education Committee's daily blog!  Three of our members will be documenting their journey through the week.

Follow along for a-ha moments, daily humor and quick insight into all that goes on at Convention.

Jessica CooperJessica Cooper

I'm Jessica Cooper, Executive Director of the Georgia Swimming LSC. When I began swimming around five or six-years-old, I had no way of knowing the impact swimming would have on my life. At the time, I didn't know I wasn't all that fast because my parents always made me believe I was the fastest kid in the pool. I didn't know that my childhood swim coach would eventually become a mentor and a friend. I didn't know that one day I too would become a swim coach (and also realize I was that kid who was not always a pleasure to coach because I had a bit of sass). I didn't know that I would eventually find myself on a swim team as an adult, long after those childhood summer league meets of permanent marker stained skin with "Eat My Bubbles" tattooed across my back. I didn't know any of these things were in my future, I only knew that I loved the sport of swimming. Here I am today, continuing to fall in love with our sport like it's my job (and it kind of is).

Traci Johnson
Hi, I’m Traci Johnson, meet referee and Treasurer of North Texas Swimming.  Though I was never a competitive swimmer myself, I have been volunteering my time to USA Swimming for over 15 years. My husband and I began officiating when our kids were age group swimmers in order to give back to the sport that had done so much for our family. We wanted to be a part of this great volunteer-run organization where we could directly benefit young swimmers. The kids grew up and yet we’re still involved as much as ever doing our part to provide safe and fair competition for young swimmers.  Convention is a great week of seeing friends from around the country and sharing ideas to continually improve the way we govern in our LSC.

Jamie Bloom
I’m Jamie Bloom from Durham NC. Where I live was not impacted by the hurricane but we were more than prepared. Folks that live further South & East of us are still working on recovery and probably will be for some time. I’m originally from Massachusetts and I think it’s easier to prepare for a blizzard! I love palm trees and they make me quite happy J I’m searching for the perfect brown ale! I love Labrador retrievers and I definitely think that swimming is the best sport! It is no coincidence that labs are great swimmers! I coach at YOTA and also at William Peace University in Raleigh. I am so thrilled that Tiger won again and I’m a HUGE and completely devoted Red Sox fan!



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