Coach Connection Newsletter #36 - 9/7/18

Coach Connection Newsletter #36 - 9/7/18

 | Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Future of the Leadership of USA Swimming

Nominees for the Board of Directors were released to our web site. It includes background on the process, along with bio info and videos submitted by the candidates.

It is on the home page now, or you can use these direct links below:


The Biggest Mental Mistake Swimmers Make at Big Meets and How to Avoid It

By Dr. Alan Goldberg,, August 27, 2018 

We’ve reached the end of the long course season and you may be one of the many swimmers who finished their season feeling disappointed that you didn't produce the way you felt like you should have. You worked your butt off all season, consistently held some really fast times in practice and yet, when the pressure of that BIG meet was turned up high, your times were mediocre at best! It's both confusing and frustrating and leaves you feeling discouraged. How could this have happened? Or maybe you're asking yourself, “How could this have happened again?

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Disability Swimming Award Nominations Open

Closes Monday September 10th

The Nominations for the Trischa Zorn Athlete, Disability Committee Service, and the Jimi Flowers Coaching awards are now open. Nominations are due in by September 10, 2018. Please submit this nomination (cover page + attached sheet with nominee’s qualifications) to Randy Julian by email or the contact information below. Nomination forms can be found here.

Once you open this link – the forms are toward the bottom and up “show more” if needed. 

Registration for the Fall 2018 Regional Coach Clinics are now open! 

The Regional Coaching Clinic program brings affordable clinics directly to teams in their own LSCs. These clinics are designed for the entire coaching staff from the novice coach to the senior level coach.

The clinic cost is $75 per coach or $200 for a coaching staff of 3 or more. These clinics are priced to encourage participation by the entire coaching staff.

Location Dates Clinic Location

Providence, RI September 14-16 Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel

Milwaukee, WI September 21-23 Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel

Registration & full information can be found here:

USA Swimming Convention 2018

September 25-30, 2018

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

Jacksonville, FL 

The United States Aquatic Sports annual convention provides an opportunity for USA Swimming to gather all of its delegates together for the purpose of making decisions that will affect the future of our sport. We elect our officers, vote on rules and legislation, and discuss and plan programs that will continue our tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.

This year's theme is NAVIGATING THE COURSE AHEAD. Make plans now to chart your course!

Resources listed below can be found here.

SCHED - Online Schedule (mobile version)

SCHED - Online Schedule (regular browser)

2018 Proposed Amendments to Rules and Regulations

R-19 in Legislative Format for the Required LSC Bylaws Proposal

Pre-Convention Tips for LSC Delegates

FAQ for Athlete Delegates

Zone Director Election Information

United States Aquatic Sports Convention

Convention Registration

Hotel Reservations

Exhibitor Information

How to Earn the Respect of Your Athletes

By TrueSport, August 30, 2018

You may have been a coach for many years, but to this team, you’re the “new coach.”

They could have just started playing the game, or perhaps they’re now old enough to start your program. Either way, they are sizing you up the same way you’re sizing them up.

Getting players on your team to respect you as their new coach takes work, but these tips will make it easier.

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The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage. 


While it may not seem like it, #supplements and medications are very different when it comes to regulation and safety. Read more on why:

Trying to search a supplement on #GlobalDRO? Even though you can search medications and ingredients, unfortunately you can't search #supplement products because their labels are unreliable. Read more:

What are SARMs? Why are they on the WADA Prohibited List? And are they a health risk to athletes? Find out:


Trying to figure out if you need a TUE? Our TUE Pre-Check form can help make that process easier. Give it a look!

Coaches: Help your athletes succeed in our anti-doping program by checking out our Coach's Brochure. It has info on the doping control process, #antidoping responsibilities, and more! #cleansport

Spironolactone is most commonly prescribed for blood pressure control and to treat moderate to severe acne in females. But, it's important to remember this medication is prohibited in sport at all times, so a TUE is required if using it. Learn more:

Host a Swim-a-Thon today: It’s a Proven Way to Raise Critical Funds for Your Team!

Over the past 10 years, more than 1,000 swim teams across the country have raised $57.8 million for their clubs through the Swim-a-ThonTM program. Last year, 550 teams raised more than $7 million – that’s an average of $12,727 per team! Host a Swim-a-Thon this fall to join in on the success.

Want further proof that Swim-a-Thon works? Just ask KATY Aquatics. This year their annual Swim-a-Thon raised more than $105,000 – up from their inaugural Swim-a-Thon haul in 2014 by 71%!

Updated Risk Manual

Important Information!

The risk manual has been updated combine all the insurance documents in one document to make it simple.

Report Accidents:

Resources Page: 


Stop Annoying Everyone With These Common Email Mistakes

By Stephanie Vozza,, August 31, 2018

“You’d think years of using the tool would make us proficient, but email is considered one of the biggest time wasters at work.”

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