Deck Pass and TrueSport

Deck Pass and TrueSport

 | Tuesday, August 21, 2018

USA Swimming’s official mobile application, Deck Pass, has teamed up with TrueSport in an effort to educate youth swimmers on how to win the right way. This partnership is designed to help Deck Pass users succeed both in and out of the water.

Here’s how it works. The more than 200,000 Deck Pass members can earn the TrueSport patches by completing a variety of activities, both online and at events. 

Here are the links to the True Sport Lessons:
TrueSport Lesson 1: Nutrition 
TrueSport Lesson 2: Hydration
TrueSport Lesson 3: Preparation
TrueSport Lesson 4: Recovery
TrueSport Lesson 5: Good Sport
TrueSport Lesson 6: Teamwork
TrueSport Lesson 7: Shortcuts (9/12)
TrueSport Lesson 8: Bullying Prevention (10/10)
TrueSport Lesson 9: Respect (11/8)
TrueSport Lesson 10: Goal-Setting (12/12) 
TrueSport Lesson 11: Accountability (1/9)

Supplement Guide
Nutrition Guide
Parent Handbook 



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