9 Things Less Challenging Than Putting on a Tech Suit

9 Things Less Challenging Than Putting on a Tech Suit

By Chase McFadden//Contributor  | Friday, July 27, 2018

‘Tis tech suit season, that time of year when swimmers the world over somehow manage to squeeze themselves into nylon-and-spandex racewear two-sizes-too-small for a two-year-old. On occasion, this process of contortionist limb-wrangling takes less than 45 minutes. Here are nine things less challenging than packing oneself into a tech suit.

  1. Flossing a tiger shark’s teeth with a strand of kelp.
  2. Out-imagining Imagine Dragons.
  3. Panning enough gold from a mud puddle to equal the amount in Michael Phelps’s 23 medals.
  4. Memorizing the entire Harry Potter series, then reciting it verbatim. Backwards. In pig Latin.
  5. Solving a Rubik’s Cube while swimming a 200 breaststroke blindfolded.
  6. Being more excited than Rowdy Gaines.
  7. Moonwalking on water.
  8. Rationally explaining the general plot synopsis of Stranger Things to another human being.
  9. Beating Katie Ledecky.



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