The Worst Events to Swim When You're Really Really Out of Shape

The Worst Events to Swim When You're Really Really Out of Shape

By Mike Gustafson//Contributor  | Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Last week, we discussed The Best Events to Swim When You’re Really, Really Out of Shape.

So, naturally, that begs the question: What are the worst?

What are those events swimmers must absolutely stay away from? Those events that — if you’re so out-of-shape even a 25-yard butterfly makes you gasp — you must avoid at all costs?

Don’t worry, fellow swimmers. (Actually, if you’re signed-up for these events and you’re out-of-shape, maybe you should worry…) Here they are: The worst events to swim, if you’re really, really out of shape…


5. The 200-meter freestyle

You’ll notice a trend in this article: The 200-meter distance is difficult. It’s hard for any swimmer, let alone a swimmer who has barely a few weeks of training this summer season. The 200-meter freestyle is no exception. There’s something about this distance that makes your legs absolutely burn. The first 100 is nice and smooth. The third 50 is manageable. But hit that last wall and head for home, and that final 50 feels endless and infinite. Infinite pain.


4. 200 breaststroke

People think breaststroke is easy. Those people have never swam a 200-meter breaststroke out-of-shape. Your legs, your arms, everything. That lactic acid accumulation the final 25-meters virtually shuts down the body. Even when you start off as slow as possible, the 200-meter breaststroke is difficult.


3. 200 butterfly

C’mon, you saw this one coming. Butterfly is hard for anyone. If you’re out of shape? It might be the most difficult of the strokes. Once I had to be pulled out of the water after a 200 butterfly, and I was in-shape. Out-of-shape? Well, maybe just don’t.


2. The Mile.

Ah, the mile. Swimmers either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it, but only when I’m ready for it. Honestly, no one should be swimming this event if you’re not ready for it, as you could probably get injured. But if you are signed up for it, and you’re out-of-shape, remember, YOU’RE OUT OF SHAPE. Don’t sprint the first, well, anything.


1. The 400 IM.

The toughest event in swimming does not care if you haven’t swam more than 2,000 yards a practice this summer. The toughest event in swimming does not care if you’re not ready for it. The 400 IM is the ultimate eye-test: Glance across the pool and you can easily tell the swimmers who are in-shape versus those who are out-of-shape.



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