Coach Connection Newsletter #24 - 06/15/18

Coach Connection Newsletter #24 - 06/15/18

 | Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Application for Scholastic All-America

We have opened the 2018 SAA Application. Freshman are eligible for the team for the first time.



Women’s Leadership Opportunities

Registration is now open for our two fall Women’s Leadership events! Our Women's Leadership opportunities are designed for every level coach to grow both personally and professionally. The structure of the summit or conference changes from event to event, but is sure to leave you feeling recharged in your life and career.

San Diego, CA: August 12-13

Hendersonville, NC: September 7-9

For more information & to register: 

Concussion Training Required to Attend Meets in California

Please do not delay!

California has modified existing school concussion law to apply the concussion requirements to youth sports organizations in which athletes participate, including swimming.

These requirements apply to out of state coaches whose swimmers are attending any meets in California including Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, Phillips 66 Nationals or TYR Pro Swim Series.

Go here to read details and fill out required paperwork.

Do Kids Need Recovery Drinks After Exercise

By TrueSport, June 7, 2018

High-protein recovery drinks are marketed as an essential requirement for any athlete who actually wants to make progress. How could you possibly build muscle without loading up on additional protein, right?

Protein-rich recovery shakes have an important place in sports nutrition, but they are also over-used and consumed by people who don’t need them. As a parent of a school-aged athlete, here’s what you need to know before fixing a protein shake for your active child.

Most kids get more than enough protein

Adults need…
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We Need Your Input

By Keenan Robinson, USA Swimming National Team Sports Medicine and Science Director and the Sports Medicine Committee

Last summer, two of our athlete reps brought to USA Swimming’s attention that there is still a lack of understanding of age group swimming injuries. We created a task force to create a survey-based study better understand this topic. We have been given IRB approval, meaning, a review board has vetted our study design, intended statistical analysis, and publication value for preventative medicine. This is a similar process to the concussion study we started three years ago, which lead to two published papers and most importantly a return to swim guideline.

Dear Coach,

On behalf of the USA Swimming Sports Medicine Committee, I would like to thank you for considering participation in this short (it should take less than 7 minutes) anonymous survey aimed at collecting information to better understand injuries in the 18 and under swimming population. A small group comprised of leading physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors in the swimming community formulated this questionnaire with the primary goal of better understanding how injuries occur in the swimming community and how USA Swimming can better provide resources and services to educate and reduce the probability of swimming related injuries.

We have a goal of discussing the preliminary results in September of 2018 at the USAS Annual Convention in Jacksonville, FL. This presentation will then be made public on the USA Swimming website to help coaches, swimmers, and parents gain a better understanding of training volume, workout frequency, stroke specialization, dryland activities, and other factors that may impact the occurrence of injuries among swimmers.

We feel that feedback from the USA Swimming coaching community is critical, as you know best the issues related to injury and illness in competitive swimmers. We intend to use the information generated from this survey in a directed manner to help all our registered members. The results of this survey will also help inform the USA Swimming Sports Medicine Committee about future directions for educational programs and areas for further research.

Most importantly, we will publish our findings to better educate the health care providers who will have the opportunity to provide medical services to your swimmers in the future.

This will truly lead to some vast improvements in understanding swimming injuries at the youth level.

Please take the survey

Encouragement Unleashes Potential

By Harvey MacKay, National Columnist, May 10, 2018 

Thomas Edison’s teacher said he was a poor student. His mother was furious at that characterization and took him out of school and taught him at home.

Edison gave this account of the incident in an interview published on Nov. 29, 1907: “One day I overheard the teacher tell the inspector that I was ‘addled’ and it would not be worthwhile keeping me in school any longer. I was so hurt by this last straw that I burst out crying and went home and told my mother about it. Then I found out what a good thing a good mother is.

“She came out as my strong defender. Mother love was aroused, mother pride wounded to the quick. She brought me back to school and angrily told the teacher that he didn’t know what he was talking about, that I had more brains than he himself, and a lot more talk like that.

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What It’s Like to Be Recruited And why I committed to a School Before I Was Ready

By Charlee Dyroff,, June 04, 2018

At 15, I’d collected a dozen pen pals around the country. They were women and men in their 40s and 50s, and they all wanted something from me. They wrote to me often, hoping to convince me that my life could change because of them—and they were right. They were Division I volleyball coaches who’d spotted an inkling of potential in me.

The NCAA recently reported college recruiting generally happens sooner for girls than boys.

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Program Culture Thoughts

By Dennis Hutter, Head Women’s Coach at Mayville State University,, June 5, 2018

Six Ways to Create Culture Within an Organization – Andy Stanley

Name It – Create a name for it, easiest part – MSUWBB = “The Comet Way”

Brand It – Phrase, Idea, Terms, Slogans, Images

Wear It – “Model It” – Leader must be seen doing this DAILY

People can see it in the leader, what the leader sees in them

Teach It – Have to teach it intentionally

Talk about it enough to get ALL on the same page

Institutionalize It – Make it part of the “rhythm” of the organization, Schedule Daily

Recognize It – When you see something, say something

What is rewarded, will be repeated

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Your Lack of Sleep is Ruining Your Productivity

By Kathleen Davis, Fast Company, June 6 2018

Fast Company has run thousands of articles on every aspect of productivity. But the one topic that comes up the most, and that really is at the root of a lot of other productivity issues like focus, decision making, and time management, is sleep. No one thinks they are getting enough, and everyone wants to offer advice on tips and tricks and routines around sleep.

Sleep basically impacts every aspect of our work lives. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your focus and concentration. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine At Harvard, if we get a bad night’s sleep, we’re going to pay for it with impairment in our judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information. We’re also more at risk of serious injuries and accidents.

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