Coach Connection Newsletter #6 - 2/9/18

Coach Connection Newsletter #6 - 2/9/18

 | Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 SwimBiz: Social Media, Sponsorship & Swimming

Join us for the fourth annual #SwimBiz conference scheduled for April 8-10, 2018, at the Colorado Springs Marriott. There will be presentations on social media, branding, sponsorship and local promotion for clubs with speakers from USA Swimming, MilkPep, media agencies, swim clubs and more.. A signature of the conference is the “Flex Membership Workshop” to support the rollout of the new membership type. 


USA Swimming Club Discount: Register three or more coaches from the same club and receive a 25% discount off your registration fees! 

#SwimBiz Club Marketing Award Nominations

We want to hear about the best and the brightest promotional efforts in 2017 from the swimming community. Be sure to nominate your club for the ‪#‎SwimBiz Club Marketing Awards by March 15th!

• Best Use of Social Media 

• Best in Sponsorship

• Best in Fundraising

• Best in Multicultural Marketing

• The SwimToday Award

• Marketing Club of the Year

Nomination Form 

Deadline: Thursday, March 15
For More Information

Zone Select Camps

Invitations were distributed Jan 24th and 25th. Athletes have until March 1st to accept/decline the invitation. Please do not delay!

The assistant coach application will open on February 1st and close on March 1st.

What the Winter Olympics can Teach us about Swimming

By Mike Gustafson,Contributor, February 7, 2018

Ah, the Winter Olympics: Frozen water, frozen humans, and two weeks of intense, live-by-the-blade-of-a-figure-skate competition. Also known as (outside of the Summer Olympics) the best two weeks in sports.

While there’s no swimming in the Winter Olympics (arctic water racing, I.O.C.?) there are plenty of lessons swimmers can learn by watching our ice-bound Olympic sport brethren.

Here are a few things we water-logged swimmers can learn from watching the Winter Olympics…
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Breaststroke - Kick Recovery Timing

By Glenn Mills, GoSwim Video of the week, February 6, 2018

Video Link

Looking into the timing of the breaststroke kick recovery. 

How long do you leave your legs straight before you start drawing them up for the kick? Sometimes, the more you delay, the better off you'll be.

Check out our blog post about having your own video evaluation done for free!

Here are more videos specifically dealing with the breaststroke kick recovery.

USADA Update

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.


Supplement 411 FAQ: Is my herbal #supplement prohibited? 

Concerned about taking dietary #supplements? Visit our Supplement Advisories page and stay up-to-date with products, ingredients, and the High Risk List. 

Sports Nutrition Tips For Promoting Healthy Bones

By TrueSport

Kids who participate in youth sports achieve greater peak bone mineral density in their 20s than kids who watch from the bleachers, but only with adequate nutritional support. In some extreme cases, poor dietary choices coupled with high intensity exercise can reduce bone mineral density instead of increasing it! To ensure you are promoting optimal bone health in your youth sport athlete, follow the recommendations below
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14 Thoughts About Building A Great Culture

By Jon Gordon, Author, Speaker,, January 2018

1. Great leaders build and drive great cultures. They know it's their number one priority. They can't delegate it. They must lead and be engaged in the process.

2. Culture is the reason why great organizations have sustained success. Culture drives expectations and beliefs. Expectations and beliefs drive behavior. Behavior drives habits. Habits create the future.

3. Culture beats strategy. Strategy is important but it is your culture that will determine whether your strategy is successful.

4. If you focus on the fruit of the tree (outcomes and numbers) and ignore the root (culture) your tree will die. But if you focus on and nourish the root you always have a great supply of fruit.

5. When building a team and organization you must shape your culture before it shapes you. A culture is forming whether you like it or not. The key is to identify what you want your culture and organization to stand for. Once you know the values and principles that you stand for, every decision is easy to make; including the people you recruit and hire.

6. A culture of greatness doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when a leader expects greatness and each person in the organization builds it, lives it, values it, reinforces it and fights for it.

7. Culture is dynamic, not static. Everyone in your organization creates your culture by what they think, say and do each day. Culture is lead from the top down but it comes to life from the bottom up.

8. Your culture is not just your tradition. It is the people in your building who carry it on. –Brad Stevens, Head Coach, Boston Celtics

9. When leading a new team or organization, it will take longer to build a new culture if you allow negative people from the previous culture to contaminate the process.

10. When you build a strong, positive culture most of the energy vampires will leave by themselves because they don’t fit in. But you may also have to let a few energy vampires off the bus.

11. Creating a culture where people are afraid to fail leads to failure. Allowing people to fail and learn from failure ultimately leads to success.

12. Change is a part of every culture and organization. Embracing change and innovating will ensure that your organization thrives.

13. Progress is important but when innovating and driving change make sure you honor your tradition, purpose and culture. This generates power from your past to create your future.

14. Culture is like a tree. It takes years to cultivate and grow and yet it can be chopped down in a minute. Protect your culture.
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Nutrition Guide

By TrueSport

It can be confusing to try and figure what to feed young athletes. Our Nutrition Guide offers guidelines that will help any athlete stay healthy, recover, and fuel for peak performance.

Six Simple Ways Teams Can Get Better Every Day

By Dawn Redd,, January 22, 2018

Every coach’s goal is that their players get better every day in practice, and that the improvement can be measured through success in games.

Much of what happens in the athletic lives of our athletes is out of a coach’s control, but by focusing on the process we might find more success with our teams. Let’s look at six simple ways we can give athletes more control over their success and happiness
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The Double Defeat

By James Leath, Formerly of IMG, January 31, 2018

Can you lose twice in one competition?

Growing up playing football as my main sport, I have a tendency to lean on football analogies when trying to explain my point
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