Ai Chi Preparing The Why

Ai Chi Preparing The Why

 | Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mission:  Getting EVERYONE on board offering swim programs addressing adults with fear of water.

Upcoming workshops:

Location Dates Clinic Location In Conjunction With
St. Pete Beach, FL February 7 Trade Winds Island Resort AOAP Conference
Tampa, FL April 4-5 Marriott Waterside NDPA Conference
Sanibel, FL June 19 Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa Int'l Aquatic Therapy Symposium

Every Teen and Adult should know how to move through the water, either vertical or horizontal, so this means walking or swimming in any type of body of water; but it’s not always easy to teach those who have a “fear of the water”. For whatever reason, swimming was not introduced to some people when they were younger, so they grew up without knowing how. This is where the Ai Chi Preparing Workshop comes in.

The Ai Chi Preparing Workshop’s mission is to get EVERYONE on board with offering swim programs addressing adults with fear of water. This program is a tool that can help you, the instructors, to rethink how much empathy is needed working with adults. There is ALWAYS another way. Attend the Ai Chi Preparing (Let’s Get Comfortable) workshops this year and learn how this method can increase the aquatic facilities sustainability and help Save Lives.

For more information or to register contact Sue Nelson at


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