Coach Connection Newsletter #4 - 1/26/18

Coach Connection Newsletter #4 - 1/26/18

 | Friday, January 26, 2018

Zone Select Camps

Zone Select Camp selection began this week. Cental Zone & Southern Zone this week (Jan. 24/25) and Western Zone & Eastern Zone on (1/25). Athletes will have until March 1st to accept/decline the invitation. Please do not delay!

The assistant coach application will open on February 1st and close on March 1st.

2018 Make a Splash Grant Applications Now Open

By USA Swimming, January 22, 2018

In 2018, the USA Swimming Foundation will invest approximately $400,000 in grants to help its Make a Splash Local Partners provide services to children who, otherwise, would not have the opportunity to participate in swim lessons. 

We invite all eligible and interested USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Local Partners to submit proposals that advance this purpose. 

Final USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Grant Application proposals are due no later than 5pm PST on Thursday, February 15, 2018.


What You Need to Know About Calcium and Bone Health

By Chris Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, January 17, 2018 

Olivia is a 13-year old swimmer. Her mom told me that Olivia wants to be vegan and she is concerned about getting enough protein on a plant-based eating plan. We talked about protein, but the conversation soon turned to bone health.

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Backstroke - Bent Arm Pull - Step 1

By Glenn Mills, GoSwim Video of the Week, January 17, 2018

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In backstroke, one of the most important things to teach early is a bent arm catch.

Why do it:

A bent arm, rather than a straight arm, gives you more power to push the water back, so it’s more productive. Young swimmers sometimes use a straight arm because it FEELS more powerful when it’s just hard to do.

How to do it:

While this is actually a four-step focus, we’ll get the most used part out of the way first. When you see this, DON’T think you can use this to sneak in some cheating in practice, this is a drill to be used ONLY when approved by your coach. We know those tricks.

1 - Pull on the lane line. Yes, we’ve done this drill before, but in watching so many young swimmers still pulling with a straight arm, it’s time to revisit.

2 - Stay close to the lane line, and with the arm as extended as possible, grab the lane line and pull back. 

How to do it really well (the fine points):

We’ll cover more details on the website, but for now, stay close! By staying close to the lane line, your arm will need to bend more. If you’re doing this in a group setting, it’s good to do the drill with everyone in one direction while switching sides. That way the lane line is tight for everyone the whole way.

See more details about this drill at our website

USADA Update

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.


CBD products aren't regulated before reaching consumers, so they could contain prohibited THC. Get informed about the risk of using CBD products. 

Even medications can be prohibited. Talk to your physician about #antidoping responsibilities when deciding on a treatment plan. #tuesdaytip #cleansport

6 Ways Youth Athletes Can Keep Each Other Accountable to the Team

From TrueSport, January 19, 2018

Like the power of setting goals and the importance of teamwork, accountability is another important value coaches help youth athletes develop.

Teams that lack accountability rarely reach their potential and more often resemble a collection of individuals than an actual team. A group climate of unaccountability can be demotivating and provide little reason for athletes to put forth their best efforts or work cooperatively with one another.

While cultivating accountability may start with the coach, it doesn’t end there. As NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Joe Dumars says, “On good teams, coaches hold players accountable. On great teams, players hold players accountable.”

So, what can youth athletes do to foster this kind of accountability within their teams?


Michael Phelps: 'I am extremely thankful that I did not take my life'

By Susan Scutti, CNN, January 20, 2018

Far from the familiar waters of an Olympic pool, swimmer Michael Phelps shared the story of his personal encounter with depression at a mental health conference in Chicago this week. 

"You do contemplate suicide," the winner of 28 Olympic medals told a hushed audience at the fourth annual conference of the Kennedy Forum, a behavioral health advocacy group.



By John G. Miller, Author of QBQ, January 2018

My hands are to full to carry a complaint…said a wise person

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Attention to Detail

By James Leath, Blog, January 17, 2018

It’s 8 am and class has begun. The girls are a little slow this morning having played a lacrosse match the night before. One by one they grab their stick and place it outside the door, returning to their seats for Leadership class. The topic is “Attention to Detail” and these girls are usually very attentive. Despite being tired, today was no different.

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Keeping Your Kid Humble

By Positive Coaching Alliance

"My 13-year-old son has had a growth spurt in the last six months or so, and he is suddenly achieving much more on the field. The increase in achievement has boosted his confidence...maybe a bit too much. How can I teach him easy lessons in being proud but humble before his coaches or teammates are tempted to teach him some harder lessons?"
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