Splash Digital Swim Bag Buyers Guide: Paddles and Fins

Splash Digital Swim Bag Buyers Guide: Paddles and Fins

By Jim Rusnak//Splash Editor-in-Chief  | Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In the Fall 2017 issue of Splash Magazine, we ask a handful of National Team athletes – including Nathan Adrian, Caeleb Dressel, Haley Anderson and Becca Mann – about some of the essential items they pack in their swim bags.

Over the next month, we’ll feature some items from USA Swimming sponsors that you might want to consider for your own swim bag as your season gets underway.

Paddles and fins are a couple standard pieces of equipment many swimmers use in their training. While your team might have some all-purpose paddles and fins for you to use, you might want to get your own to ensure proper sizing and compatibility with your training style.

Here’s a look at some offerings from USA Swimming sponsors Arena and Speedo:



Arena Elite Hand PaddleArena Elite Hand Paddle
This flat hand paddle is perfect for building strength and improving on stroke technique. Large center hole for maximum feel of water, and a flat design for improving stroke technique and building strength. It has a smooth edge for safety in the pool, which lowers the risk of injuring a fellow swimmer

It features multiple strap positioning for a custom fit, and the large center hole allows a great feel of the water.



Speddo Nemesis hand paddle.Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddles
The perfect fitness paddle for all swimming abilities, the Nemesis Contour Paddles feature tubercles to increase surface area along the paddle's edge, pushing more water and creating smooth pulling trajectory. Its contoured shape helps the swimmer feel the proper hand position for water entry. There’s also Improved tubing straps at the finger and wrist. Speedo recommends using these paddles with its Nemesis Fins for the ultimate workout.


Speedo Clutch PaddleThe Clutch Paddle by Speedo
Speedo’s Clutch Paddles is a hybrid forearm paddle, technique paddle, and strength paddle. The extended forearm section prevents wrist flexion, promoting a high elbow catch and ideal hand entry into the water.

Ecto Flex valves create added resistance on the lateral sides of each paddle, pressurizing water with each pull. Tubercles on the lateral side increase surface area along the paddle's edge, pushing more water and creating a smooth pulling trajectory.

The thumb garage promotes proper hand position and allows the swimmer to use the paddle without straps. There are multiple holes allow water pass-through and provide various strapping options.




Arena Powerfin Pro.Arena Powerfin Pro
These are the fins all professional swimmers have been waiting for. Their innovative design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits in the top to allow you to swim with a faster leg kick and better control. The open heel ensures the best possible ankle flexibility allowing faster upwards notion and a more powerful downward leg kick.

Training your legs vertically using Powerfin Pros for just a few minutes today will help you improve your underwater phase. The vertical leg kick allows you both to control your body position and make sure you are performing a proper leg kick.


Speedo Switchblade FinsSpeedo Switchblade Fin
This innovative rubber fin offers a whole new angle on training. Engineered with a unique 10-degree blade angle to provide maximum stability and engagement throughout the kick cycle, the Switchblade fin allows you to dramatically increase your kick cadence without sacrificing technique.

It features an angled blade maximizes down kick segment, maximizing propulsion. The extended foot pocket allows for ultimate comfort, and midfoot flex points help eliminate cramping. The sculpted side rails engage hip rotation and downkick drive.



Speedo Trialon fins.Speedo Trialon Rubber Swim Fins
100% Natural Rubber. Long blade provides extra power and force. Helps to elongate the kick and improve technique and speed. Soft, orthopedic foot pockets for comfortable extended use. Great for all levels of training, teaching, and recreation.




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