Splash Digital Swim Bag Buyers Guide: Kickboards and Pull Buoys

Splash Digital Swim Bag Buyers Guide: Kickboards and Pull Buoys

By Jim Rusnak//Splash Editor-in-Chief  | Monday, October 16, 2017

In the Fall 2017 issue of Splash Magazine, we ask a handful of National Team athletes – including Nathan Adrian, Caeleb Dressel, Haley Anderson and Becca Mann – about some of the essential items they pack in their swim bags.

Over the next month, we’ll feature some items from USA Swimming sponsors that you might want to consider for your own swim bag as your season gets underway.

Kickboards and pull buoys are two items every swimmer will use at some point in their training. Yeah, you could use whatever your team has handy in the bins at your pool, but there’s just something about the comfort and feel of your very own training equipment. Also, when you’re competing away from home in a strange pool, there’s no guarantee these items will be available if you use them for warm-up.

Here’s a look at some offerings from USA Swimming sponsors Arena and Speedo:



Arena Soft Kickboard.Arena Soft Kickboard
Super cool kickboard for ultra comfort, safety and style in the pool. Perfect for working on the lower section of the body. High quality EVA material. Grip holes allow for different hand positioning. Contoured for safety and comfort. Stylish contrasting color design and font.



Speedo Team KickboardSpeedo Team Kickboard and Jr. Team Kickboard

The must-have kickboard for every swimmer in every pool. Ideal for kicking drills and improving leg strength. Side finger scallops promote proper hand position. Underside finger grooves for easy-gripping. Textured EVA foam creates a non-slick surface.



Pull Buoys

Arena Pull Kick ProArena Pull Kick Pro
Improve and control your body posture with arena's exclusive Pull Kick Pro. Lightweight, practical, and easy to use, this two-in-one training tool can be used as a pull buoy or a kickboard and offers limited flotation and a streamline grip. Perfect for advanced swimmers.



Speedo Team Pull BuoySpeedo Team Pull Buoy and Jr. Team Pull Buoy
The must-have pull buoy for every swimmer in every pool. Elevates hips and legs to the proper streamline body position. Allows the swimmer to focus on stroke technique and rotation. Improves upper body strength. Soft, durable EVA foam.




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