2016-17 Scholastic All-America Summary

2016-17 Scholastic All-America Summary

 | Friday, September 8, 2017

Athlete Numbers:

Successful Applicants       1158

                        Girls                 555

                        Boys                 603


Three-Timers                         180

Open Water                               2

Disability                                   7


Central Zone                            243

Eastern Zone                           287

Southern Zone                        364

Western Zone                          264


There was one perfect score: Sean Grieshop of South Texas Nitro Swimming won an event at Winter Nationals. Sean is also a three-time Scholastic All America member.

SAA team members will receive three certificates and a bag tag. Three-timers will receive a special gift. Awards will be shipped in the Fall.

USA Swimming is proud to recognize these scholar-athletes and congratulates the swimmers on their achievement, as well as their coaches and parents for their outstanding support.


Top LSCs                                                                      Top Clubs

North Carolina Swimming                  82               Swim MAC Carolina-NC                      35

Southern California Swimming        76               Nation’s Capital Swim Club-PV          31

Illinois Swimming                                69               Irvine Novaquatics-CA                         21

Florida Swimming                               61                Academy Bullets Swim Club-IL          15

Georgia Swimming                             51                Dynamo Swim Club-GA                       15



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