Coach Connection Newsletter #33 - 8/18/17

Coach Connection Newsletter #33 - 8/18/17

 | Monday, August 28, 2017

2. Ryan Murphy Shares Tips for a Great Backstroke Start
3. Dolphin Kick: Key Technique Points
4. 2017 Board Governance Assessment & Recommendations
5. USA Swimming Rules & Regulation Committees Proposed Amendments
6. USADA Update
7. Eastern States Clinic and CLBMS 201
8. John Kessel, USA Volleyball, Lines Teach You How, but the Game Teaches You Why
9. Eight Qualities of a Mentally Tough Athlete
10. Leadership in Sport and Development: B for Bold



Please note that the dates for the 2018 Phillips 66 National Championships (Pan Pac Trials) are July 25-29. The dates for the 2018 Speedo Junior Nationals (LC) are July 31 – Aug 3. Both meets are in Irvine, CA. There has been some confusion about these dates because, originally, the Nationals were scheduled for a later date.

Ryan Murphy Shares Tips for a Great Backstroke Start

By Jim Rusnak, USA Swimming Director of Media Properties, Splash Magazine Digital, August 14, 2017

The Summer 2017 issue of Splash Magazine offers some great tips for starts, turns and finishes.

Here, three-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy, the world record-holder in the 100m back, offers some advice for a great backstroke start.

Dolphin Kick: Key Technique Points

By Russell Mark, USA Swimming High Performance Manager, National Team High Performance, August 9, 2017

With more and more swimmers around the world using the dolphin kick as a huge weapon in races, what are the key technique points to have the best dolphin kick? Many people point to hip movement as being the most critical, but the leg motion and position are equally – if not more – important.

Dolphin kick technique highlights:

2017 Board Governance Assessment & Recommendations


A special webpage has been created to provide USA Swimming members with complete information regarding the proposed changes to the role, purpose, function, and composition of the National Board of Directors. These changes will be voted on by the House of Delegates at the 2017 USAS Convention in Dallas.

Over the past year, a task force and an outside consultant have conducted an in-depth governance review of the Board of Directors. In April, they presented their assessment and recommendations to the Board and received the Board’s overwhelming endorsement.
These recommendations have been reviewed by the Rules & Regulations Committee and will be presented to the House of Delegates as part of the legislation packet at the Convention.

The Board of Directors and the task force encourage you to carefully review the information provided and become familiar with the proposed changes and the rationale behind those changes.

Please direct all questions and comments to

USA Swimming Rules & Regulation Committees Proposed Amendments


Learn more here:

Revised Schedule:

All convention materials:

Learn more here:

USADA Update

Please share these USADA articles and resources with your athletes and their parents. These links may be included in a Team newsletter or re-posted on your Social Media platforms

During processing, athletes get to choose their collection kit containing bottles that carry the samples to the lab.

It's easy to assume that medications & #supplements are regulated the same way. That's not the case. #beinformed

Wondering if there are ways to REDUCE your risk when it comes to dietary #supplements? Use this handy checklist.

Eastern States Clinic and CLBMS 201

by Joseph Bloggers

The CLBMS 201 will be offered on Thursday & Friday evening from 6:30-9:00 pm. To register please contact either Jeff Allen or Tom Avischious

Make your plans to attend the Eastern States Swim Clinic in Cherry Hill, NJ on Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at the Crowne Plaza. Group discounts are available and our pre-registration pricing goes until Sept. 21!

All information about the clinic, including online registration, is available here:

Don’t delay – register NOW!

Don’t forget to make your hotel reservations at the same time — call (888) 233-9527 special clinic rates.

The 2017 Clinic proudly offers the following prestigious line-up of speakers and the special opportunity to meet and work with Olympic swimmers Lia Neal, Chase Kalisz and Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt.

Eddie Reese: 3x Olympic Head Coach, 4x Olympic Asst. Coach, 13 NCAA Team Titles & Head Coach U of Texas

Gregg Troy: Olympic Head Coach ‘12, Olympic Asst. Coach ‘08 & ‘96, Head Coach Florida Men & Women

Bruce Gemmell: Olympic Asst. Coach ’16, Head Coach Nations Capital, Coach of Katie Ledecky

Jack Bauerle: Head Olympic Coach ‘08, Asst. Coach ’16 & ‘00, Head Coach Georgia Men & Women

Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt: Head Coach Nebraska High School & Greater Nebraska Swim Team, ’88 Olympian

Lia Neal: Olympian ’12 & ’16, silver & bronze medalist & 4 American records

Chase Kalisz: Olympian ’16 silver medalist, American record holder, NCAA Champion

Come learn from some of our country's best coaches and athletes!

John Kessel, USA Volleyball, Lines Teach You How, but the Game Teaches You Why

By Reed Maltbie, Changingthegameproject, August 13, 2017

Neurosurgeons say if they practiced the way they did 18 months ago, they’d be sued for malpractice. Heart surgeons believe if they practiced the way they did 5 years ago, they’d be sued for malpractice. Yet, in youth sport coaching we still practice the way we did when we were kids.

John Kessel believes we should all be sued for malpractice because we have not evolved the game to meet the times. Do you agree?

Listen in on this thought provoking, information packed podcast as John shares an amazing amount of knowledge and has myriad quotable quotes in a short hour long podcast. Get your notebook out for this one!

Learn more here:

Eight Qualities of a Mentally Tough Athlete

By Dr. Alan Goldberg, Competitive, August 2017

I talk a lot about the many ways that mental toughness techniques can be applied to the training of athletes in any sport in order to help them elevate their performance and reach their potential for excellence. But what kind of person do you end up with when all of these techniques are put into action? What can you expect as the result after all that hard work?

Here are 8 qualities of a mentally tough athlete:

Leadership in Sport and Development: B for Bold

By Elizabeth Odera,, August 2017

Ambassador Elizabeth Odera explores the importance of honing strength when confronted with difficulties as an SDP leader.
"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."
~Winston Churchill

Amina knocked on the director’s door with resolution, heard him call out and stepped into the room. She blinked in the sudden change from the sunlight corridor, and made a sudden gasp when she noticed that there were other people in the room. She recognised the local chief and district officer amongst them. The project director, Mr. Rishi, smiled at her, and turned to the guests at the table. “As you know, I make it a point to invite one stakeholder to our board meetings to give us a chance to get some feedback on how well our organisation is performing. This time, I have invited Amina, who is captain of one of our football teams.”

Learn more here:



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