Does Your Concession Stand Need a Swim-Tervention?

Does Your Concession Stand Need a Swim-Tervention?

By USA Swimming  | Thursday, June 22, 2017

We at USA Swimming know you want the best for your kids. That’s why, with your help, it’s time for a “Swim-Tervention” with concession stands. We’ve developed a realistic, easy-to-follow guide to feed the future great swimmers of America.

Do you want to sink or swim? Make smart choices when stocking your concession stands and when you’re picking snacks at meets. The choices a swimmer makes can cause them to ‘sink’ or ‘swim.’

Currently most concession stands are stocked with low quality calorie choices such as chips, cookies, donuts and soda. These fueling options may leave swimmers with low energy levels and upset stomachs, impairing their performance. Swimmers need more high quality snacks - foods that have been less processed and can provide not only calories, but also combinations of nutrients that allow for sustained fuel.


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