Five Things That #CoachesAre

Five Things That #CoachesAre

 | Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Throughout the month of April we will be celebrating #CoachesAre Month to recognize the INCREDIBLE work the 18,000+ coaches do around the country! 

To kick things off here are five things #CoachesAre:

  1. #CoachesAre Mentors

    "Coaches are mentors because we're always teaching the youth to be productive in life" - Chad Rehkamp, Northern Kentucky Clippers

  2. #CoachesAre our #1 fans

    "Coaches are the number one fan of the athlete they work with.  Providing unconditional support, tough love, motivation, and positive energy." - Caleb Hall-Potvin, The Edge Swim Club

  3. #CoachesAre Influencers

    "Coaches are amazing influencers and life shapers of young minds that will one day be in control of our future. See it as an opportunity to get underneath another person and lift them up as high as you can." - Jamie Glover, Fontana Aquatics Club

  4. #CoachesAre second parents

    "I feel like I've helped raise hundreds of kids over my years of coaching. Some come to me to help resolve personal issues and with the amount of time I've spent with them I think that these kids trust me enough to be a second parent figure." - Heather Maher, Lakeside Aquatics

  5. #CoachesAre Driven

    "Coaches are endemically driven to ask the best of ourselves and through that example we hope to influence others – and our athletes – to do the same." -  Steve Hennessy, Coast Guard Blue Dolphins
Share what your #CoachesAre to you on social media and thank your coaches for all they do for you!


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