Online Clinic Series - Parents

Online Clinic Series - Parents

 | Friday, March 31, 2017

The Parents Series provides coaches with all the insight they need to work with swim parents. Topics in this series include planning parent meetings, talking to parents about their children, and parent education.

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
9/29/10 Planning Parent Education Sue Anderson Slides Recording
3/23/11 Working with Swim Parents Guy Edson Slides Recording
6/22/11 Talking to Swim Parents About Their Children John Leonard Slides Recording
7/6/11 Working with Tough Parent: Four Case Studies Guy Edson Slides Recording
8/12/15 Hosting an Effective Parent Meeting Bob Kizer, Maggie Vail Slides Recording
3/23/16 To Push or Not to Push: A Parent's Dilemma David Benzel Slides Recording
10/10/18 Gold Medal Swim Parentings Juan Caraveo Slides Recording



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