Online Coach Clinics by Topic

Online Coach Clinics by Topic

 | Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Looking for a clinic on demand? Listed below are the archives of the Online Clinic Series sorted by subject. If you are looking for education in a certain subject matter or are looking for some content for your next staff meeting, be sure to check out the recordings below.  All are 45-60 minutes in length and provide the same content that was presented live.  If you are looking for a PDF version of the slides used in the presentation be sure to visit the Online Clinic Series page and scroll down to the chronological listing of these archives.

Club Management

VVMOST & Monthly Reporting with John Leonard, ASCA

Management Tools with Ira Klein, Sarasota Swim Academy

Tips of Sponsorship Success for Your Club with Matt Farrell, USA Swimming

The Business of Swimming with Mike Kolebar, Nitro Swimming
Tough Love Marketing with Matt Farrell, USA Swimming

Swim-A-Thon and Online Fundraising, with Debbie Hesse, USA Swimming & Tom Fristoe, TeamUnify

Growing an Age Group Program with MC Thomas, NOVA of Virginia Aquatics

10 Strategic 'Must Make' Decisions with Rick Shipherd, La Mirada Armada

Building Your Brand Through Social Media with Kimi Davidson, SwimMAC Carolina

Connecting to American Swimming Team (partial recording)

Team Unify- Swim Today Webinar

Promote Your Club through LivingSocial

Manage the Business of Swimming Better

Deck Pass- Jim Fox 

Using Statistics for Club Success- Nate Knopf

Regional Group on King Aquatic Club-Tommy Cunningham

Building a Successful Team & Culture from Novice To National- Sarah Dawson &Jacqueline O'Hagan

Hosting an Effective Parent Meeting- Bob Kizer & Maggie Vail


Human Resources & Personal Development

Educating & Training Your Coaching Staff with George Block, ASCA

Hiring, Training & Retaining with Guy Edson, ASCA

The Interview Process with Guy Edson, ASCA

Habits of Highly Successful Coaches with Guy Edson, ASCA

Principles of Effective Coaching with Mark Hesse, USA Swimming

What's New with Deck Pass? with Wendy Peel, USA Swimming

Growth as a Coach with Kyle Schack, Crimson Aquatics

New Insurance Program for Clubs with George Ward, USA Swimming
Transforming the Way We Coach with Pete Thompson, Thompson Coaching & Development Group, LLC

Ethical Questions in Coaching 

Streamlining Your Hiring Practices with Swim Staff Select- Arley Turner & Emily Stumhofer



Planning Parent Education with Sue Anderson, USA Swimming

Working with Swimming Parents with Guy Edson, ASCA

Talking to Swim Parents about their Children with John Leonard, ASCA

Working with Tough Parents: Four Case Studies with Guy Edson, ASCA

To Push or Not To Push - A Parent's Dilemma - David Benzel



Developing Swimmers Outside of the Pool

Teaching Life Lessons with John Leonard, ASCA

Preparing Young Athletes for a World Class Career & Life with John Leonard, ASCA

Developing Athlete's Character on Your Swim Team with Don & Ron Heidary, Orinda Aquatics

Sports Psychology: Part 1-Managing Energy & Part 2-Confidence with Jim Bauman

Know This First. Do This First. with John Leonard, ASCA

Preparation of a High School Athlete for Collegiate Sprinting

Getting the Most out of Recovery with Nutrition - Keenan Robinson


Coaching Athletes

Season Planning with Rick Bishop, USA Swimming

Developmental Training with Ron Forrest, Fort Worth Area Swim Team

Developing Aerobic Improvements with John Leonard, ASCA

Racing & Race Preparation with Michael Brooks, York YMCA Aquatic Club

Running an Effective Practice with a Large, Diverse Group with Steve Morsilli, Pleasanton Seahawks

Coaching Swimmers with a Disability with Kyle Smith, USA Swimming Disability Committee

Division III As a College Choice with Gregg Parini, Denison University

Capacity Training for 10 Year Old's (and 11-12's, etc.) with John Leonard, ASCA

Recovery Nutrition: Review & Application with Alicia Kendig, USOC

Training for Capacity versus Utilization with Bob Bowman, North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Optimizing Post-Workout Recovery with Nick Folker, Cal-Berkeley

Dryland Training with Scott Shea, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics

Games, Gimmicks and Challenges for Swim Coaches with Bob Steele, USA Swimming

Race Analysis on Your Cell Phone or Memory Stopwatch with Bob Steele, USA Swimming

Dryland Development for Club Swimmers with Keenan Robinson, North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Coaching Swimmers with Disabilities with Dave Denniston, USOC Paralympics Program

Training for Open Water Swimming with Bryce Elser (USA Swimming) and Jack Fabian (Keene State College)

A Guide To Shoulder Injury Prevention with Dr. John Mullen, Center of Optimal Restoration

The Student-Athlete Balance with Rachel Stratton-Mills, Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics

Parent, Coach & Athlete: A Unified Approach to Competition and Training with Ben Bartell, Minnetonka Swim Club

Teaching Swimmers the Process with Sue Chen, Machine Aquatics

Developing Power Through Resistance Training with Blaine Carlson, Waukesha Express Swim Team

Shallow Water Blackout- Bob Bowman

Making Test Sets Meaningful- Mike Murray

Starts and Turns- Russell Mark 

The Development & Implementation of a Positive Psychology Curriculum for Age Group Swimmers- Pete Thompson 

Swimming Fast in Season (mid-season shaves) & the Positive Effect on End of the Year Championship Meets - Matt Donovan 


Swim Meets

Talking to Athletes at a Swim Meet with John Leonard, ASCA

How to Study Your Swimmers in a Race with Ira Klein, Sarasota Swim Academy

Racing & Race Preparation with Michael Brooks, York YMCA Aquatic Club

Race Stats with Scott Colby, USA Swimming


Teaching Strokes

How to Be a Great Stroke Teacher with Steve Haufler, Orinda Aquatics

Key Skills & Drills for Age Group Coaches with Jennifer Gibson

Race Stats with Scott Colby, USA Swimming

Dolphin Kicking with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Freestyle and Backstroke Turns with Guy Edson, ASCA

IM Training with Scott Colby, USA Swimming

Freestyle and Backstroke Rotation with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Kicking As Part Of Training with Tony Batis, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics

Breaststroke Technique & Training Ideas with Shawn Smith, University of Denver Hilltoppers

Backstroke Technique with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Key Skills & Drills for Age Group Coaches-Part 2 with Jennifer Gibson

Butterfly Technique with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Freestyle Variations Part 1: Arm Stroke with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Freestyle Variations Part 2: The Foundation with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Breaststroke with Russell Mark, USA Swimming

Developing Backstroke Rotation in Age Group Swimmers... Plus some - Dale Porter

How to Evaluate Technique - Russell Mark 


Structure & Planning

Season Planning with Rick Bishop, USA Swimming

Age Group Season Planning with Dale Porter, Bolles School Sharks

What is Success for an Age Group Program? with Bill Christensen, North Texas Nadadores

Building a Team for Long Term Success with Paul Silver, Marlins of Raleigh

Sanction Appeal Process - Brandon Drawz & Pat Hogan 

Diversity & Inclusion Series- Buffalo City Swim Racers- Mike Switalski

Diversity & Inclusion Series- Establishing Diversity at the Local Level - Miriam Lynch 

Diversity & Inclusion Series- How to Establish a Practical LSC Funding Mechanism for Outreach Programming - Kent Yoshiwara

Disability Committee Road Map: Putting the Triple 'E' into Disability- Mark Rieniets


Safe Sport

Implementing Policy at Your Club: Electronic Communication & Bullying with Susan Woessner (USA Swimming) and Bob Kizer (New Trier Swim Club)

How to B.E.A.T. Bullying with Heather Case and Laurie Gray

Peer-Peer Abuse Prevention with Sarah Pharr, Praesidium, Inc.

Identifying Risk Areas and Responding to Boundary Violations with Sarah Pharr, Praesidium, Inc.

Safe Sport 2.0: Turning the Corner into Healthy Team Culture- USA-S Safe Sport Staff & Dr. Roch King 

What Would You Do? - Liz Hoendervoogt

Safe Sport Reporting & Outcomes - Susan Woessner 

Safe Sport at Meets: A Conversation About the Role of Officials - Maggie Vail & Rebecca Landre 

Keeping Athletes Safe - Melissa Gann


Sports medicine

Athletes and Eating Disorders, Kate Bennett, Athlete Insight

Sports Massage with Kathy Flippin, USA Swimming Olympic Team Medical Staff

Keeping Athletes Fast, Safe & Healthy with Dan McCarthy, USA Swimming

Built with Chocolate Milk with Nancy Clark, MR, RD, CSSD

Screening Swimmers for Injuries with Dr. G John Mullen, DPT, CSCS

Colds, the flu & other illnesses - Dr. Ken Haller

Evaluation & Management of Shoulder Pain in Swimmers - Dr. Scott Rodeo 

Recovery Modalities in Competitive Swimming - Keenan Robinson 

Reducing Your Risk When Using Dietary Supplements - Amy Eichner 

Respiratory Problems in Swimmers: How to Keep Swimmers "Afloat" and in the Pool! - Chuck Siegel

Type I Diabetes: An inside look at managing the disease

Static Stretching & Dynamic Warm-Ups w/George Edelman

USADA Anti-Doping 101 - Eli Kreunen

USADA/Anti-Doping - Dietary Supplement Concerns - LaDonna Reed

Sports Massage for Every Athlete - Kathy Flippin

USADA/Anti-Doping - True Sport: Changing the Culture of Youth Sports - Jennifer Dodd

Treatment of Swimmer's Shoulder -  A Physician's Biomechanical Approach - Dr. Amy Beacon



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