Sports Medicine/Science Committee

Sports Medicine/Science Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement: The Sports Science/Medicine Committee shall assist and support the development, implementation and evaluation of medical and science-based programs for USA Swimming. The committee will use a multidisciplinary approach to develop and implement protocols related to medical care for swimmers, and to develop sports science programs to optimize medical care and sports performance. 
Membership: The Sports Science/Medicine Sub-Committee comprises eight (8) members appointed as follows: one member elected by the OIOC, two members appointed by the OIOC Coordinator in consultation with the National Team Director, five (5) members appointed by the President, and two athletes.  
The term of non-athlete members shall be staggered so that 25% of the non-athlete members are appointed annually. 
The Chair of the Sports Science/Medicine Sub-Committee shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the National Team Director, OIOC Coordinator and the Technical Vice-President. The Chair of the Committee shall be an Ex Officio member of the Steering Committee and the OIOC with voice, but no vote. 
The National Team Director, the OIOC Coordinator and the USA Swimming Technical Vice President shall all be ex-officio members of the Committee with voice but no vote. 
Meetings: The Committee shall meet as necessary and host a workshop at the annual meeting of USA Swimming (United States Aquatic Sports Convention). 
Responsibilities: The Committee shall: 
1. Develop and assist in the implementation and evaluation of medical and sciencebased programs for USA Swimming; 
2. Coordinate programming with the Age Group Development, Senior Development and Medical Committees; 
3. Expedite and implement decisions regarding those programs as necessary; 
4. Support the National Team Division, the OIOC and the Steering Committee in all scientific and medical areas as they relate to the National Team. 


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