Senior Development Committee

Senior Development Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement: To evaluate programs, advise and make recommendations within the scope of the committee focusing on issues that affect senior level athletes and coaches. 
Membership:  The Committee shall be comprised of eight members appointed by the President plus two athletes. At least five of the members shall be coaches.  Each non-athlete member shall serve a term of four years, staggered so that two non-athletes are appointed annually. 
1. To conduct an ongoing evaluation of senior swimming. 2. To conduct long range planning for senior level swimming.
3. To provide technical input for the structure of the national championship meets including Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, National, Open Water, and U.S. Open Championships.
4. To develop proposals and programs that encourage senior level competition.
5. To provide technical input for programs to develop athletes at the post-age group level.
6. To provide assistance in transitioning athletes from Age Group to National Team.
7. To develop proposed time standards for the Conoco-Phillips National Championships, U.S. Open, Junior Nationals, Futures and Sectional Championships.
8. To study and evaluate swimmers’ performances in corresponding meets of past season.
9. To study and analyze available statistics to determine new methods for improving criteria for establishing national championships time standards.
10. To recommend legislative changes concerning time standards to the Rules Committee. 11. To advise and consult with the Club Development Division regarding camps, including open water. 


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