Safe Sport Committee

Safe Sport Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission: To plan, implement and coordinate USA Swimming’s commitment to safeguard the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all of its members, with an emphasis on the welfare of its athlete members.  
Membership: The Safe Sport Committee shall consist of fourteen (14) members, as follows:  

1. Three (3) athlete members selected by the Athletes Executive Committee, each of whom shall serve one year terms;  
2. Three (3) coach members appointed by the President, each of whom shall serve staggered four (4) year terms;  3. One (1) subject-matter experts from organizations outside USA Swimming, appointed by the President, who shall serve a four (4) year term;  
4. Five (5) at-large members appointed by the President, each of whom shall serve a four-year term, staggered so that one at-large member is appointed each year and two are appointed in the fourth year;  
5. The Secretary and General Counsel, who shall serve as an ex-officio member, without vote; and  
Chairperson: The chair, who may be either an athlete or non-athlete member, shall be appointed by the President from the foregoing enumerated members and shall serve a one year term.  

1. To create, execute and continually review USA Swimming’s member protection policies, guidelines, educational programs, reporting and adjudication procedures, and make recommendations to the USA Swimming Board of Directors for such changes to existing policies, guidelines, programs and procedures, as well as recommendations for new ones, as are appropriate;  

2. To raise the awareness of member protection and the availability of member protection educational resources within the swimming community, including at the LSC and club levels;  

3. To coordinate and ensure that the athlete and member protection education requirements for membership are properly developed, implemented and executed;  

4. To interface with the USOC, other NGBs, other sport and non-sport related youth organizations and appropriate child protection groups regarding their member protection policies, guidelines, procedures and programs;

5. To attend two scheduled in-person business meetings: (1) at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention; and (2) at a separate time during the year;

6. To take such further actions as may be directed by the Board of Directors; and

7. The Safe Sport Committee shall report to the President. 


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