Registration and Membership Committee

Registration and Membership Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement: To develop, administer, and communicate consistent policies and procedures among LSC Registration / Membership Coordinators.  
Membership:  The Committee shall be comprised of two athletes and eight members appointed by the President.  Non-athlete members shall serve a four-year term, staggered so that 25% of the non-athlete members are appointed annually. 
1. Create and implement policy for the registration of athletes (year round, seasonal and outreach), non-athletes (coaches, officials, apprentice officials, others), clubs and organizations for approval by the House of Delegates and/or the Board of Directors. 
2. Coordinate the administrative procedures of all membership registration. 
3. Communicate with and provide educational opportunities to LSC Registration Coordinators/Chairs. 
4. Serve as the designee of the Board of Directors to review and make recommendations on all organizational membership applications, including numbers of delegates to the House of Delegates. 


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