Open Water Development Committee

Open Water Development Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement:  To plan for the needs of Open Water Swimming for our sport.  To generate, evaluate, and communicate ideas, which will assist USA Swimming in planning and developing Open Water Swimming programs within its established budgeting and financial parameters and its Quadrennial Game Plan. 
Membership:  The committee will be comprised of twelve people, at least  four of whom shall be coaches, appointed by the president as follows:  
(1) a current member of the Sports Science/Medicine Committee,
(2) a current member of the Open Water Steering Committee,
(3) a current member of the Age Group Development Committee,
(4) a current member of the Senior Development Committee,
(5) a current member of the Officials Committee,
(6) a current member of the Safety Education Committee, (7) a current USA Swimming member with experience in planning Open Water events,
(8) one additional current USA Swimming member who shall serve as the chair, and
(9) two current USA Swimming athlete member selected by the Athletes Vice Chair. In addition, the current member of the FINA Open Water Swimming Technical Committee and the USMS Open Water Chair shall serve as ex-officio members with voice, but no vote.  
1. Develop and review programs and policies regarding the safety of athletes, officials, and spectators involved in open water swimming. 
2. Encourage the development of programs that promote safe and fair participation in open water swimming at all appropriate age and ability levels.  
3. Develop programs to recruit, train, and educate open water coaches, officials, and volunteers. 
4. Continued on-going review of all USA Swimming open water rules, guidelines, and special issues of concern with the purpose of improving fairness, athlete performance, and the safety of all involved. 


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