National Team Athletes' Committee

National Team Athletes' Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Membership: Members will be appointed by the Athlete Executive VP and AEC National Team Vice Chair. 
All members must be athletes currently on the National Team or having been National Team members within the last ten years. All must be athlete members of USA Swimming. All will get automatic vote in HOD.  
Minimum of 2 must have been OW National Team Members; One will serve on the OW Steering Committee.  
Two members must have been appointed to the National Steering Committee.  
Members of the US Paralympic Team are eligible to serve on this committee.  
The AEC National Team Vice Chair shall serve as the Chair of this committee.  
Ex-Officio: AEC VP, USOC AAC Rep and Alternate, FINA Athlete Commission Member, Add’l may be named by the committee 
Ex-Officio members do not have an automatic HOD vote.  
Members shall serve a term of 2 years with half appointed each year.   


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