International Relations Committee

International Relations Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement: To plan and develop the agenda and action items for USA Swimming in the international area and to expand the influence of USA Swimming in those international organizations to which USA Swimming relates. 
Membership:  The International Relations Committee shall consist of the following: 
a. Members of USA Swimming who hold any of the following positions shall be automatic members of the committee during their tenure in these positions: Any FINA Bureau member, UANA Executive Committee member or USOC Board member, FINA committee or commission chair, the Olympic International Operations Committee Chair, the Steering Committee Chair, the USA Swimming representative to the United States Olympic Committee, the current head coaches of the U.S. Olympic Swimming team, the Technical Vice President (ex-officio), and the immediate past president of USA Swimming (exofficio).

b. Up to eight additional members of USA Swimming with relevant international experience, appointed by the President.

c. A sufficient number of athlete representatives with international competitive experience on an Olympic, World Championships, Pan American, Pan Pacific, or World University Games team within 10 years preceding selection to the committee so as to constitute at least 20 percent of the voting membership.

d. The President, Executive Director and National Team Director of USA Swimming, with voice but no vote.

e. Each member shall serve during their tenure as listed in A.  The additional members named by the President shall serve four year rolling terms.* The President shall appoint a Chairman with the approval of the Board of Directors.

*The up to eight additional members listed in B. would be appointed in 2012 with half serving two year terms and half serving 4 year terms to begin this process. 


1. To develop and advance a comprehensive non-technical international strategic plan for USA Swimming.

2. To identify and promote individuals for nomination and advancement to international political and leadership positions.

3. To enhance the influence of USA Swimming with FINA and the USOC commensurate with our competitive success and for the betterment of athlete-centered governance of our sport. 


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