Governance Committee

Governance Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Statement:  To provide on-going evaluation of the structure of USA Swimming in order to promote optimal business process and accountability, and to provide best practice guidance and support to the USA Swimming Board of Directors, Committee Members and LSCs as requested. 
Membership:  The Governance Committee shall consist of eight members appointed by the President, sufficient athlete appointments to constitute at least 20% of the voting membership of the Committee, and the Secretary/General Counsel who shall have voice but no vote.  There shall be no current voting members of the Board of Directors appointed to this committee.  Each non-athlete member shall serve a four-year term, staggered so that one-fourth of such members are appointed each year. 
1. Review the governance practices of USA Swimming, including the House of Delegates, Board of Directors, divisions, committees, task forces, and LSCs. 
2. From time to time, research governance best practices of other appropriate nonprofits and provide this information to the Board of Directors, committees and LSCs for their due consideration. 
3. Review, as appropriate, the balance of operational control and relationship of the Board of Directors and other key volunteers with USA Swimming staff. 
4. Review, with counsel as appropriate, USA Swimming’s compliance with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the USOC Constitution and Bylaws and, if necessary, make suggestions for consideration of the Board of Directors to improve such compliance. 
5. Respond to requests from LSCs regarding governance issues and concerns. 



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