Club Development Committee

Club Development Committee

 | Friday, March 3, 2017

Club Development Committee 
Mission Statement: To develop and implement programs that help build, support and educate USA Swimming member clubs.  
Membership:  The committee shall be comprised of two athletes and eight people appointed by the President. Non-athlete appointments shall serve four-year terms, staggered so that 25% are named annually. 
Meetings: The committee shall meet as necessary by conference call and at the annual meeting of USA Swimming and in person as otherwise may be needed. 
1. To conduct an on-going evaluation of the USA Swimming club system and to identify the strengths and weaknesses. 
2.  To develop, implement, and evaluate programs and services with the intent to strengthen the USA Swimming club system. 
3.   To assist LSC’s in providing their member clubs with new programs and services which are intended to increase the numbers of clubs and athlete registrations. 


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