Is It Top 16 or Top 10?

Is It Top 16 or Top 10?

 | Wednesday, February 22, 2017

From 1965-2006, USA Swimming recognized the fastest 16 swimmers in each age group. In 2000, rather than honor the top 16 in each age group, we chose to recognize the top 10 swimmers per age. 

Starting on September 1 and continuing until August 31 of the following year, USA Swimming records the times of swimmers across the country. Then in September and October, we work to compile the list of the top 10 swimmers of each age. In November, those top athletes are recognized online and in a special section of Splash magazine.

Swimmers can qualify for the Top 10 list in any and all events. So get out there and get moving to get your name published as one of the fastest swimmers in the country!

The Archive

The archive below lists Top 16 times from 1965 until 2000 in each age group. From 2000 until now, the archived lists below report the top 10 times per age. The USA Swimming Times team started this archive with 08-09 times. The list will be Top 10 and then expand over time. 

As you can see, some years are missing. Please be patient as we go through this process. Our goal is to provide every year since 1965, but this is a major project and takes time to complete. If you see any additional information that should be included, email us at Thank you for understanding.




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