| Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SwimJitsu is designed to introduce new swimmers and their parents to USA Swimming and #FunnestSport, Swim Today. It's Punt/Pass/Kick for swimming using fun and challenging ninja-themed inflatables (in the spirit of Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior). Each competitor will race against the clock to complete the ultimate aquatic obstacle course using all their speed, endurance, and swimming skills to gain the rank of Grand Master Swimja.

In 2017, there are two options to host a SwimJitsu event:

SwimJitsu: SwimJitsu is our full scale model that includes the obstacle course, timing on the course, awards, four training stations, and participant give away bags.  This is a large scale event that can be used to create awareness about your club or facility and be used as a fundraiser opportunity.  In this model, the host club will pay the difference between a “sell out” event and the number of participants registered.

SwimJitsu Lite: SwimJitsu Lite is a customized version of our Core model that allows swim clubs to be introduced to the new exciting event of SwimJitsu!  This model is designed to either be a great way to reward your club and emphasize retention or as a club fundraiser

Listen to our Webinar to find out how to host! Or Email swimjitsu@usaswimmming.org

Here is the link to our webinar:




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