Coach Owned-Step 3: The Process

Coach Owned-Step 3: The Process

 | Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It’s now time to open your doors, implement your marketing plan and grow your team and business. Remember, just because you are the owner doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. You need satisfied customers who continue to pay you in order for your business to thrive. Growth and retention requires a daily effort by each and every staff member. You cannot do this all by yourself, you will need competent, well-trained and well -paid staff. 

Here are some crucial areas that require your attention and expertise:

  1. Hiring staff and writing practical job descriptions
  2. Benefit and insurance packages for you and your staff
  3. Continuing education expenses for yourself and your staff
  4. Seasonal planning for the entire program. Practice group designations and organization
  5. Staff coaching philosophy
  6. Future marketing strategies – both within the team and in the community at large
  7. Data collection and tracking
  8. Billing and fee structures (accounting)
  9. Timely filing of financial and legal reports and documents
  10. Web site and other communication strategies
  11. Parent education and volunteerism
  12. Travel planning and expenses for team and staff
  13. And much more!

For further information on some of the topics listed above be sure to check out the Facilities & Aquatic Programming/Reference Articles section to find resources on programming, air and water quality, renovations, and project planning and development.

If find that your coach- owned business is successful and you need to grow, please contact USA Swimming’s Facilities Development Division about building or renovating a facility. You can also get guidance about additional programming opportunities to grow a total aquatic business to support and enhance your competitive team.        



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