| Friday, February 10, 2017


Please be informed that all former world-ranked swimmers, and athletes who were subject to out-of-competition doping control and officially retired, who would like to come out of retirement to return to competition (domestic or international), must subject themselves to the FINA, WADA and USADA out-of-competition doping control programs for a period of six months before they can compete in ANY USA Swimming sanctioned or FINA sanctioned competition.  This includes local competitions all the way up through National competitions (including meets with a dual sanction from Masters and USA Swimming). 

If you are aware of any swimmers who are in this situation, please advise them to contact our Athlete Services Director, Stacy Michael-Miller, to obtain the information necessary to comply with this requirement.


Retirement and Returning from Retirement 
When an athlete chooses to retire from sport, or plans to return from competition after previously retiring, there are important steps that must be taken to avoid any potential rule violations. Detailed information about those steps can be found at USADA's website.  Learn about your retirement responsibilities

USADA Whereabouts Policy 

Results Management 



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