Deck Pass Mobile

Deck Pass Mobile

 | Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The time is finally here....USA Swimming's first-ever mobile application is now available!

Download the free Deck Pass application today and connect with all your swimming friends. Share times, brag about your accomplishments and set your goals in this new application that lets you compete and connect.

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All swimmers, from state champions to summer leaguers, can track their times with the log book and even keep track of their personal goals through Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus. USA Swimming members can also look up their times and recent meets, check their IMX scores, and see all of the Deck Pass patches they’ve earned.

USA Swimming coaches can use the mobile application to monitor their team’s times and rankings. Furthermore, coaches can use the mobile application to assign coach-given patches to  swimmers. Why wait until you’re in front of a computer when you can use your mobile phone on deck to award your swimmers for their hard work?

Deck Pass Plus

Download Deck Pass Plus for iPhones here!

Download Deck Pass Plus for Androids here!

Deck Pass

Download the FREE Deck Pass mobile application for iPhones here!

Deck Pass features include:

- Patch Scanner
- Ability to earn patches out of the pool with codes
- IMX scores, best times, recent meets and rankings.
- Digital patches for your achievements at practice and at competitions.
- A way to connect with your swimming friends.
- A tool that allows coaches to award digital patches to their swimmers.
- Your team's times, scores and ranks.
- USA Swimming information on events, meetings, certifications and results.
- A digital logbook to keep track of your times and earn more patched.
- A goal tracker to set goals for the season and monitor your progress.

Deck Pass Plus features include:

- Exclusive USA Swimming Meet Coverage: Trials, U.S. Open, Phillips 66 Nationals, Speedo Junior Nationals and more.
   - Coverage includes:
       - Live Streaming Video
       - Photos
       - News
       - Recaps
       - Previews
       - Results
       - Maps
       - Schedules
       - Behind the Scenes Interviews
- Live Results
       - USA Swimming meets provided by
- Time Standards
       - Local to Elite level meets



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