Online Clinic Series - Sports Medicine/USADA

Online Clinic Series - Sports Medicine/USADA

 | Monday, February 6, 2017

With presentations by well-known sports doctors, our Sports Medicine Series is the place for coaches to learn the most important topics in sports medicine. Our sports medicine webinars feature topics such as sports massage, swimmer's shoulder, low back pathology, and more!

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
1/25/12 Recovery Nutrition: Is There More Than Just Chocolate Milk? Alicia Kendig Slides Recording
4/24/13 A Guide to Shoulder Injury Prevention Dr. G. John Mullen Slides Recording
5/28/14 Sports Massage Kathy Flippin Slides Recording
6/13/12 Laps to London: Post-Workout Recovery Nick Folker Slides Recording
4/23/14 Athletes & Eating Disorders Kate Bennett Slides Recording
7/30/14 Keeping Athletes Fast, Safe, and Healthy Dan McCarthy Slides Recording
8/13/14 Built with Chocolate Milk Nancy Clark Slides Recording
10/29/14 Screening Swimmers for Injuries Dr. G. John Mullen Slides Recording
12/10/14 Shallow Water Blackout Bob Bowman Slides Recording
2/11/15 Colds, the Flu, and Other Illnesses Dr. Ken Haller No Slides Available Recording
3/18/15 The Development & Implementation of a Positive Psychology Curriculum for Age Group Swimmers Pete Thompson Slides Recording
4/15/15 Evaluation and Mangement of Shoulder Pain in Swimmers Dr. Scott Rodeo Slides Recording
7/8/15 Recovery Modalities in Competitive Swimming Keenan Robinson Slides Recording
8/19/15 Reducing Your Risk When Using Dietary Supplements Amy Eichner Slides Recording
10/13/15 Respiratory Problems in Swimmers: How to Keep Swimmers "Afloat" and in the Pool! Chuck Siegel Slides Recording
12/2/15 Disabilitiy Committee Road Map: Putting the Triple 'E' into Disability Mark Rieniets Slides Recording
2/24/16 Type I Diabetes: An Inside Look at Managing the Disease Jim Miller, Karen Reeder, Pam Maclean Slides Recording
3/9/16 USADA/Anti-Doping 101 Eli Kreunen Slides Recording
5/11/16 USADA/Anti-Doping: Dietary Supplement Concerns LaDonna Reed Slides Recording
5/18/16 Sports Massage for Every Athlete Kathy Flippin Slides Recording
5/23/16 Getting the Most Out of Recovery with Nutrition Keenan Robinson Slides Recording
8/24/16 USADA/Anti-Doping: TrueSport - Changing the Culture of Youth Sports Jennifer Dodd Slides Recording
8/31/16 Treatment of Swimmer's Shoulder: A Physician's Biomechanical Approach Dr. Amy Beacom Slides Recording
11/2/16 Low Back Pathology in Swimmers Keenan Robinson Slides Recording
1/11/17 USADA/Anti-Doping: Intro to Global DRO Rick Mohr Slides Recording
3/22/17 Sports Medicine Task Force Coaches Concussion Project Dr. Danny Mistry Slides Recording
4/5/17 USADA/Anti-Doping: Athlete Rights and Responsibilities Eli Kreunen Slides Recording
5/11/17 Energy Drinks- Fact or Fiction Dr. Brian Krabak Slides Recording
 8/2/17 A Discussion About Cupping: Lessons from Rio Kevin Rindal Slides Recording
10/11/17 Sports Medicine Task Force Coaches Concussion Project: Revisited Dr. Meeryo Choe & Dr. Danny Mistry Slides Recording

Learn to Reduce Your Risk if You Choose Dietary Supplements

Dr. Amy Eichner Slides Recording



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