Are You a New Coach?

Are You a New Coach?

 | Thursday, February 2, 2017

If your LSC Registration Chair directed you to this page, it means that according to USA Swimming’s records, you are a 1st year USA Swimming coach member. According to the USA Swimming rulebook, anyone who coaches athletes at a USA Swimming practice or competition, must be a coach member of USA Swimming and must have satisfactorily completed safety training and background screening required by USA Swimming. You are also required to complete the Foundations of Coaching 101  coaches' education course prior to receiving your coach membership. Then, prior to your second year of coaching, you must complete the Foundations of Coaching 201 AND the Rules & Regulations test. Read below for more information about these requirements.


Please  read the welcome letter located in the document section below – it explains the new coach requirements and how the process works. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page should answer any additional questions you may have. If you still have questions after reading both of those, please contact Club Development at 719-866-4578.

Are you exempt from the education requirement?

If you were a USA Swimming coach member in 1998 or before, you can be grandfathered (exempt from taking the test). You will need to send your LSC Membership Chair a copy of your old coach card. If you don’t have your old card, please contact Club Development at 719-866-4578. You will need to provide the following information in order to do a membership archives search:

  1. The EXACT year you were a USA Swimming coach member 
  2. The LSC (local swimming committee) you were registered in at the time and your current LSC
  3. The name you were registered under at the time
  4. The club you were with at the time and your current club

Coach Organizations

Below is information from organizations of which many USA Swimming Coaches are members. Read through the information and considering joining these organizations to enhance your coaching experience.


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